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hobbyDB and The Toy Peddler Join Forces

Today we are very excited to announce that hobbyDB and The Toy Peddler will be officially working together as one. We’ve known Paul (the founder of The Toy Peddler) for more than ten years and over the past 18 months, he’s seen how hobbyDB continues to improve as a resource for diecast collectors. When Paul started The Toy Peddler, he had a mission to create a platform that was better than eBay for both buyers and sellers and we know by combining forces, we will now be able to do this. We bring the tech, and Paul brings 20 years of sales knowhow.

Paul with the late Elliot Handler (the founder of Mattel)

It used to be just George (Paul’s tech guy) and Paul and now we have combined to create a larger team – Alex, Anastasia, Andrew, Chris, Christian, Dayne, John, JP, Mario, Parker, Rob and Paul and George! This is a decision that we are both very excited about as we will now have the resources and larger team to make big moves forward and to do this. We’ll be looking to you for feedback for what would make your life easier when you buy and sell diecast.

100,000 new items for sale coming to hobbyDB!

Please note that both sites will continue to operate individually as we reach out to buyers and sellers to see what improvements are most important to them. No changes will be made to The Toy Peddler until we receive this essential feedback.  

Even more exciting is once we have received your feedback, buyers on The Toy Peddler will gain access to all of hobbyDB’s inventory, doubling the number of items for sale and sellers’ items will eventually be listed on both marketplaces, doubling their exposure to potential customers.

Eventually by combining forces, we’ll be able to utilize the ease of hobbyDB collection management and the power of The Toy Peddler marketplace to create a one of a kind resource for collectors worldwide.

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It’s that time of year again where we get to celebrate being thankful. Here at hobbyDB we are grateful that folks like you continue to empower us to build a one of a kind resource for collectors worldwide. To help show our appreciation, we’ve partnered with some of the top sellers on hobbyDB to bring you awesome savings on your favorite diecast items. So skip the lines in the stores, pour some hot cocoa, snuggle up in your favorite comforter, and go shopping from the comfort of your own home. Sale lasts until Monday at 11:59pm PT.

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Heads up HW Collectors the new HW Newsletter Casting Guide 2008-2017 is here!

Exciting news Hot Wheels fans, we’re partnering with Jim Garbaczewski, publisher of the Hot Wheels Newsletter and Co-Author of Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels to bring you another amazing resource for your collection. You’ll find the official announcement below –

So I have some exciting news for all those fans of the Tomart Guides who love and miss them. Drumroll, please, because I’m pleased to announce that the Hot Wheels Newsletter is going to be publishing a NEW price guide that covers the period since the last Tomart guide. 

Over the past decade, I’ve continued to work hard logging details of all the latest Hot Wheels releases; model details, photos, colors, variations and, most importantly, pricing information! I’ve been looking for a way to be able to share this with you all in book form for some time, and now, thanks to the folks at hobbyDB who’ve formed a joint venture with me to share the upfront publishing costs, that’s going to become a reality. 

The new HW Newsletter Casting Guide to Hot Wheels will have all the same great images and information you’ve come to expect, and will cover ALL known models released between 2008 and 2017. It’s set to ship in January for $34.99. You can also pre-order it for $24.99 now or $30.99 after the Convention in L.A. in the Hot Wheels Newsletter store, order yours today!

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We’re super excited to be involved with this project and will keep you all posted with any updates from Jim!

Going the Extra Mile – Transmedia Storytelling

Das_MittelElton Lin is a CS college student from Alhambra that is enamored by different tactics toy companies engage in to ascribe integrity to their properties. He spent so long chasing a childhood fictional narrative by Mattel that he found a real and uplifting story buried beneath it. 


The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell – Confucius

Companies should never have to compromise their integrity in a bid for survival. Unfortunately, some do. In this day and age, toy companies grapple to find a common thread with the hordes of children much more interested in handheld electronics. It is true that companies must prioritize earning profits in order to stay afloat, but keeping the masses pleased rings equally true. It is universally understood that toy companies prioritize catering to the younger demographic, but consequently, older fans may struggle to indulge in the brand as well. With the rise of 3rd party offerings or zealous customizers filling the void for fans, retention of brand loyalty has never been tougher.

As such, it makes it all the more gratifying when a company goes the extra mile and delivers universally enjoyable content through a multitude of platforms. Such a labor of love can be explored through the lens of transmedia storytelling.

So what is transmedia? Think back to a favorite childhood series of yours. Did you get to watch your heroes on TV, then go out to the stores to buy action figures of them? Spend your free time visiting official websites or fansites such as the one you’re currently on to brush up on your knowledge about their universe? What about playing video games or comics that weren’t necessarily canon to their source material? How about fast food or in-store promos? If you answered yes to any of these, you had been met with transmedia, the practice of telling a story across different platforms.

But adopting transmedia is no walk in the park. Great transmedia calls for capabilities of:

-expansion. Being able to carry a story through new mediums as well as reach the target audience is crucial to transmedia.

-engagement. Consumers will not only be enraptured by the fictional world, but also come to relate to characters and examine their own human condition.

-embellishment. Fictional worlds must be convincing to their audiences. The more a universe is fleshed out, the more chances the audience can perceive the universe and its ideals as feasible.

-order. The storylines must follow a pattern with how it is accessed through different digital mediums.

-opinions. It is important for creators not to neglect any of their characters by allowing the audience to witness characters evolve through unique feelings to situations and daily life.

-operation. Every message is another piece of the puzzle that ties into the storyline. The creators, what did they leave for us?

In short, transmedia storytelling challenges creators to put out content on a new plane of superiority in the most unique configurations / re-imaginings of the brand’s identity. Famous examples: a company all about plastic construction toys branched out their mythology and storytelling capability with a theme of unworldly mechs, and a company with unworldly mechs painted a new direction through robots that turned into organic animals.


Everything must be able to fall back on another. An overarching theme must manifest, which will contribute to the brand’s image. Obviously, it is important that the message reflects positively on how consumers perceive the brand.

Hot Wheels is recognized by its consumers for its presence/domination on the store shelves.

The message may be prevalent in some contexts. Who can forget the owner of the slogan “Just Do It” as well as its highly aspirational message? Or even “I’m Lovin’ It”, the shot at good vibes through pop culture? But what happens if a company’s brand suffers from an existential crisis or a search for new meaning? What can personify a brand entity and reinvigorate it? How do you continue a legacy of that caliber?

In 2002, Hot Wheels was faced with such a dilemma. The company was thinking of how to celebrate its upcoming 35th anniversary. What started out as a challenge became one of Hot Wheels’s most wholehearted attempts into the analysis and redefinition of its own identity. Back down they didn’t. Hot Wheels went in guns blazing with the mythology of Highway 35 World Race and AcceleRacers (see the respective hobbyDB Highway 35 World Race & AcceleRacers pages for how much investment these series got). The creatives at Hot Wheels took what could have been a disaster into a demonstration of spirit. Not only did Hot Wheels reclaim its identity but also earned new merits. Hot Wheels roared on with new life and an extension of its legacy.

Highway 35 and AcceleRacers, bless them, have been gone for more than 10 years. So what’s the worth in dredging up the past? Why do people still demand its renewal? What’s the point of me getting on my knees and begging hobbyDB to allow me a guest post on their blog?

Simply put, series like these are the bread and butter for the path towards adulthood. Series like these merit the attention and praise for being testaments to creative storytelling and concept development. People think back fondly to Highway 35 and AcceleRacers because those were milestones in Hot Wheels history, times where Hot Wheels became more than just their cars.

These type of series continue to play a part in this uncertain future, where minds like Genndy Tartakovsky do not believe current Western animation is at its full potential. But most importantly, they persist as icons of hope. They strike a void that cannot be otherwise filled, and allow us to grow even when our minds are at ease. They serve as bildungsromans, the guiding lights towards our catharses and the search for value in our everyday lives.

Throughout the years, they’ve always remained larger than life.

Who knew that something disguised as a kid-friendly TV series could conceal so much meaning?

To watch the full video on which this article is based, visit

Arrrrrr! Are There Treasure Hunts in Your Booty? Find Their Values on hobbyDB Now!

Treasure is usually hidden, but thanks to our price guide, its value won’t be – at least, not if it’s the Hot Wheels kind!

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to make our price guide a one-of-a-kind resource and today marks an exciting milestone. As well as our Expert Valuations, we’re now calculating values from a variety of sources with the aim of providing the most accurate pricing information for every collectible in the database. First up: Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts!

We’re now displaying calculated values for all of the Treasure Hunts U.S. cards and are working on finishing the values for international long and short cards and sets. As well as being able to check out what your Hunts are worth, we think you’ll be fascinated to see the range of values, from $2 to more than $500 and which ones are the most desirable! Hint; it’s not always the ones you’d think!

Ever wanted to know how much the TV Series Batmobile is worth? Now you can easily find out –


Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.25.36 AM

How about that sweet Dairy Delivery Treasure Hunt – a cool $16.76


Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.27.59 AM

And what about the super cool Cruise Bruiser Treasure Hunt – valued at $22.41


Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.30.14 AM

What’s the value of your favorite Treasure Hunt? For a full explanation of the price guide methodology click here. Interested in getting involved? Contact us to figure out how you can help build out the most accurate collectible price guide in the world!