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Even More From the Nuremberg Toy Fair

One of our admins has been cruising all the booths at the 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair. This is the latest batch of upcoming models, along with yesterday’s findings and the first day’s.

Today we have a lot of unusual new offerings from Schuco.

This 1:18 Opel-based hauler is based on the ones used by Porsche racing teams. This is the pre-pro resin, of course.

Schuco Opel Porsche transporter


Here’s a 1/18 Westfalia Joker Volkswagen Vanagon popup camper – and something a little less conventional in 1/43; the “Lil Bugger”

VW Volkswagen Westfalia camper

Schuco Volkswagen Beetle VW Bug camper


This 1/43 Ford GT40 depicts the camera car used to capture action shots for the 1970 Steve McQueen movie LeMans.

Schuco GT40 Test car


One last car from Schuco, a 1956 Kleinschnittger F125, which, it’s probably safe to say, has been underrepresented in the model car world so far. This is 1/18.

Schuco 1956 Kleinschnittger F125


Finally, here is a Majorette Jaguar F-Type, the first in a series of new 1:64 Scale premium models with opening features, suspension and and inserted glass lights – a return for this brand to the collectors’ market.

Majorette Jaguar

Postcards from Nuremberg: More Cool Stuff from the Nuremberg Toy Fair

hobbyDB’s intrepid reporter Christian Braun is still at the 2016 Nuremburg Toy Fair and has these items to share! (Here’s the first dispatch.)

Nuremberg Toy Fair - Greenlight Cadillac hearse

Here’s a better shot of the Greenlight 1:18 Caddy hearse. It will probably be painted for producion, but honestly, wouldn’t you want to go out in style in a raw metal rat rod bonewagon like this?


Nuremberg Toy Fair - Kyosho Toytoa 2000GT

This huge 1:12 Toyota 2000GT is about as close as you will ever get to owning the real thing. Luckily, Kyosho models are exquisitely detailed, so buy one when it comes out at any price.


Nuremberg Toy Fair - Mercedes G-Class 6x6

Nuremberg Toy Fair - Ottomobile Citroen SM

Ottomobile laughs at the puny Mercedes Benz 4×4 in your driveway and offers this G36 6-wheeler in 1:18. This Citroen SM is a slightly more civilized stock offering from the same company. By the way, Otto refers to their pre-pros as prOTTOtypes, which is the kind of excellent detail that should make you want to own these even more.

Nuremberg Toy Fair - Betley Betayga

They’ve also done this very cool model of the upcoming Bentley Bentayga SUV, exclusively for sale through Bentley dealers under the Bentley brand.

Nuremberg Toy Fair - mark 43 Nissan Fiarlady Z

Nuremberg Toy Fair - Opel Bellet GT

Mark 43 will be offering these Nissan Fairlady Z and Isuzu Bellet models soon in 1:43 scale.


Nuremberg Toy Fair - Funko Pop Star Wars Chewbacca

Finally, who wouldn’t want a life-size Chewbacca buddy from Funko Pop? They probably won’t sell them this size, but we can dream.

New from the 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair; Greenlight & GMP & Road Signature Oh My

hobbyDB’s man on the scene at the 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair has started filtering back photos. Here’s what we’ve seen so far…


From Greenlight, the infamous Wagon Queen Family Truckster from National Lampoon’s Vacation (and the recent, best-not-mentioned, reboot.) This is the 1/18 version, there will also be 1/64 and 1/43 models.


Also from Greenlight, in their new 1/18 Precision Series; Cadillac Ambulances (and maybe a hearse!)


From Lucky Diecast (successor to the venerable Yat Ming) comes this very cool 1955 Willys Jeep Station Wagon in 1/18.

And from GMP, a new Hot Rod model. This is a new tool, the unpainted one is the first tooling test, the red one is the prototype (they ran out of time to paint the roof!).

20160127_123249 20160127_123233





Liberty Promotions Archive Now on hobbyDB!



hobbyDB is a tool for managing collections, a resource for research, and now…a tricked out bus stop. We’re proud to announce our collaboration with Liberty Promotions to bring hobbyDB and LP fans the official Liberty Promotions Archive!

Visit the official Liberty Promotions Archive Now

See only Drag Buses

See all Rebel Runs

Fans of the iconic Liberty Promotions designs are now welcome to peruse their favorite diecasts and take a gander at the countless details provided on each and every item. Come to keep track of your collection or just take a look around and reminisce about your favorite model. For some tips on managing your collection on hobbyDB, check out this handy help article.

hobbyDB also offers a marketplace for collectors to buy and sell among each other, so now you have a better chance of getting your hands that custom bus that’s been evading you all this time. Even if you can’t find your favorite bus, with the new archive you can add any item to your Wish List and the hobbyDB team will notify you as soon as any of your coveted items become available for purchase.

hobbyDB is the only place you can find such an extensive Liberty Promotions Archive and we want it to be perfect! That’s why we’re encouraging fans of the brand to pitch in and contribute their knowledge wherever they can. You can show off your Liberty Promotions trivia skills by curating your favorite casting or series, which proves invaluable in the future for those looking for a quick reference on their items.

Curators are collectors who are put in the driver’s seat of their favorite series or casting, and are therefore given unique admin abilities that allows them to edit and organize their pages how they see fit. So grab the wheel and give it a test run!

Of course, we’re providing this LP archive for fans of the brand – so if there’s any feedback that you’d like to offer, or even features that you’d like to see – don’t hesitate to let us know!

happy collecting!

Thirteen Awesome Hot Wheels Cars Based On Not-So-Great Real Cars

For almost half a century, Hot Wheels vehicles have fueled the imagination of kids with their cool, innovative, wild toy car designs. While many of them are pure fantasy creations, a lot are based on real cars. And in a few cases, they are based on regrettable, forgettable, even horrible cars. Here some examples of when the folks at Mattel turned head-scratching automotive duds into head-turning models.

Poison Pinto (Ford Pinto)

Hot Wheels Ford Pinto Poison

Unreliable at best, explosive at worst, the Pinto was a disaster waiting to happen, especially when tapped from behind. This miniature panel wagon hot rod at least looks like it could outrun anything trying to hit that rear bumper/trigger.

Open Fire, Greased Gremlin, Gremlin Grinder (AMC Gremlin)

Hot Wheels AMC Greased Gremlin Open Fire

In retrospect, the Gremlin wasn’t a really terrible car, it just wasn’t terribly reliable or sturdy. Heck, you could even get one with a Levi’s denim interior. Hot Wheels has tried to redeem this compact hatchback with several versions, including the six-wheeled Open Fire shown above.

Front Runnin’ Fairmont (Ford Fairmont)

Hot Wheels Ford Fairmont Stocker

Remember the Ford Fairmont? Of course not, because there was nothing noteworthy about the styling or performance. It was perfectly… adequate. They were used for stock car racing in the 1980s, so Hot Wheels created a version that could at least be painted in lots of cool liveries.

Custom V-8 Vega (Chevrolet Vega)

Hot Wheels Chevy Vega

The Vega redefined depreciation in the 1970s by rusting while still in the showroom. But hot rodders had all kinds of fun modifying them, and the small scale model represents one of those hopped-up, tricked out cars. Also, diecast metal doesn’t rust, so that’s an improvement.

80 El Camino (1980 Chevrolet El Camino)

Hot Wheels Chevy El Camino 80s

For a vehicle allegedly designed to haul things in style, the last generation El Camino was underpowered and not very exciting to look at. That didn’t stop the designers at Hot Wheels from lowering the suspension and raising the hood bulge to make it a little bit more desirable.

Amphicar (Amphicar 770)

Hot Wheels Amphicar

What’s not to like about a floating car with a built in propeller? In theory, it’s fantastic, but in reality, it was a poor boat and an even worse car. The Hot Wheels version has a much bigger motor in the back, so it should be able to pull some skiers at least.

Chevy Lumina Van (Chevrolet Lumina APV)

Hot Wheels Chevy Lumina APV Van

The APV van was an odd spaceship-looking contraption, and when you sat in the driver’s seat, the steering wheel was actually a couple inches off center. Yuck! Hot Wheels didn’t alter the basic design much, but at least they gave it some cool paint jobs.

MetroRail (Nash Metropolitan)


The Metropolitan is a delightful little car if you don’t mind driving something that looks like Donald Duck’s jalopy. But stretch that front end to dragster proportions, and you could really burn things up the race track.

Packin’ Pacer (AMC Pacer)

Hot Wheels AMC Packin Pacer

American Motor’s Pacer was an oddball… significantly wider than most cars, and very glassy, it resembled a fishbowl on wheels. All that interior space was the perfect place to stuff a monster engine, however, so Hot Wheels did just that.

Chevy Citation (Chevrolet Citation)

Hot Wheels Chevy Citation

Really, we’re not trying to pick on Chevy here, but the “First Chevy of the Eighties” was really the “Worst Chevy of …. Ever!” The miniature model doesn’t change the basic look much, but if you squint, it does sort of look like James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine car. Sort of.

Whatta Drag (BMW Isetta)

Hot Wheels BMW Isetta

Sure, everyone smiles when they see one of these bubble cars on the road… until you actually drive one. “Underpowered” is an understatement. Hot Wheels turned it into a stretched three-wheeled dragster so cool that someone actually built a running real sized version of it!

Got any nominees for other Hot Wheels vehicles based on lame real cars? Let us know in the comments below!