To The Moon and Back: Collecting Apollo 11 (and Other Lunar Lunacy)

Ron Ruelle

Ron Ruelle hobbyDB

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission to the moon. On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped off the Eagle landing module, said some famous things, and planted a flag. Buzz Aldrin followed him a bit later, the world was never the same. (Michael Collins was content to do a few laps around the moon in the command module, seeing first hand the side of the moon only a few others have.)

apollo 11 capsule modelhot wheels apollo setFrom the beginning, there were all sorts of models and toys related to the space program, fueling the imaginations of kids everywhere. If you’re of a certain age like me, you remember where you were the moment they landed (although barely… I was three and a half at the time).

Of course, at hobbyDB, we figure a good way to commemorate this feat is to look at collectibles old and new. Some of them are directly related to the Apollo 11 mission, some are a bit of a stretch, but all of them should inspire you to shoot for the moon and collect them all.

Hot Wheels has the entire scene covered with a set including two astronauts, the American flag, a the lunar lander, and a rover. The scale is a bit wonky among those elements, but the overall effect is out of this world.

dinky lunar roverFor some reason the lunar rover gets more diecast and model love than the rocket, the command module, and the lander combined. Maybe it’s because it was the most similar to something you could operate on Earth, being, essentially a really neat dune buggy. Dinky, Realtoy, and Eaglemoss have that terrain covered.

tonka crater crawlerTonka would eventually come out with the ultimate moon buggy in 1970, the super-articulated Crater Crawler. Sandboxes on the moon would never be the same.

airfix lunar modulesimpsons buzz aldrinAirfix has always been a decidedly European model company, especially British, but they got in on the space race too. Their 1/72 Lunar Module kit was one of the first realistically detailed models you could get of it.

Neil Armstrong may have been the first to step on the moon, but he wasn’t the first astronaut to appear on The Simpsons. That honor would go to Buzz Aldrin. And he has the action figure to prove it.

As if being an astronaut wasn’t cool enough, the Apollo ‘nauts were given the opportunity to drive a General Motors car for a year for basically free. Of course, the Corvette was the car of choice. This True Scale Miniatures C3 with the unique gold and black scheme was actually from the Apollo 12 mission, but hey, they went to the moon and back too.

apollo 12 corvetteIt didn’t take James Bond too long to get into the moon exploration business. 1972’s Diamonds Are Forever featured a memorable set piece on the lunar surface to kick things off. He would actually go into space in Moonraker, although in a much more modern space shuttle.

james bond moonrakerHard Rock Cafe also has you covered with a plethora of lunar related pins. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the various Garbage Pail Kids collectibles related to the moon. And that includes all kinds of moons (leaving you ummm, uncovered in this case.)

garbage pail kids moon(We could also mention Mooneyes, Apollo Creed, or Warren Moon, but our mission might be straying a bit off course…)

master crafters lunar landing clockIf you’re of that certain age, old enough to remember the moon landing but young enough to still dream big at the time, you needed this clock on your nightstand. Master Crafters made several different designs with the same case, but the blue one with the 3-D lunar landing scene was the biggest hit in 1970. Spoiler alert: I was one of those kids. I can still hear the crackling of that flickering red bulb under the rocket. I can still hear it partly because it was an amazing sound and partly because… it’s hanging on a wall in my home studio still flickering away. Some fires can never be extinguished.

What are your favorite Moon Landing toys and collectibles? Let us know in the comments!

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That Dinky is very cool!  My parents let me stay up to watch TV coverage that night!

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The Collector Showcase at hobbyDB: Unlimited shelf space with no dusting

From the Mickey Mantle rookie card (insured for $12m), to one of the first Buzz Lightyear action figure prototypes, collectors are turning to hobbyDB not just to manage their collections, but to show off their most interesting and valuable collectibles to the world! Introducing the all new Collector Showcase page, a virtual display case of everything you love! Fully customizable by you, your Showcase will beautifully display all of the most prized items in your collection.

Check out some of the epic collections already popping up on hobbyDB –

Adam Goldberg of hit ABC TV Show The Goldbergs
Collector Showcase

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Marshall Fogel, famous author and renowned collector of
vintage, historic baseball memorabilia
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Robert Romash, Mattel Designer in early 2000
Collector Showcase

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And there’s more excitement to come with the new Collector Showcase, including the ability to –

  • Show the value of your entire collection, as well as your top ten (optional)
  • Create your own categories and lists, some which can be automatically generated (like the Top 10 by Value, My Disney Princesses, etc)
  • Feature different items on your home page and only show what you want to show with advanced privacy settings
  • Flip in between many different profile views including your collection, items for trade, items that you’re ready to part with, and your wishlist

See more that is coming here.

Have a collection you’d like to share? You can find your customizable showcase on your profile page on hobbyDB. Also, if you haven’t already started managing your collection at hobbyDB, simply search the database of thousands of collectibles and add the ones that you have to your collection (find out how here). Then you’ll also be able to add items that you’d like to buy in the future to your wish list and will receive emails whenever an item on your wish list is listed for sale.

Let us know what you think and what else you’d like to see in the comments!

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Bud Kalland

Very nice Alex;

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Seller Highlight: Blind Boxes Galore with New Trusted Seller blindboxes!

blind box

There’s something to be said for that breathless moment of anticipation before cracking open a blind box or bag.

Collectors have been discovering their favorite blind box characters since 2015 via the Pop Price Guide Marketplace trusted seller blindboxes.

The blindboxes store features a variety of, you guessed it, blind boxes and blind bags from multiple franchises and brands.

Along with Funko Mystery Minis and Pint Size Heroes, the blindboxes store is also the perfect marketplace to fill out your Kidrobot collection.

That’s in addition to popular lines of MyMojiQee and Heatherette: The Empire Series.

As well as trying your luck with individual blind boxes or bags, why not improve your chances of pulling a rare figure with entire cases, such as the sealed case of KidRobot Marvel Munny Zipper Pulls Series 2.

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The all new FERRARI Model Club Database powered by hobbyDB

Introducing the new FERRARI Model Club Database! From Bburago to Minichamps, to BBR to Looksmart, the entire database will cover all of the brands that make the beautiful models of some of our favorite cars. And with many detailed data points on each item, it’s easy for anybody to expand their Ferrari knowledge with this new database!

Info about the database and those that maintain it –

Built twenty years ago, the original database included more than 16,000 items. However, less than 1% of the items had photos. After years of maintaining a database that was exclusively available to FERRARI Model Club members, the club decided that there had to be a better way to preserve and share this information with Ferrari fans all across the world. Enter hobbyDB.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working very closely with Thomas Niewalda, President of the FERRARI Model Club e.V. to give a permanent home to the FERRARI Model Club Database. Once complete, the FERRARI Model Club Database will be the most extensive collections of Ferrari memorabilia out there, photos included. And with more than 5,000 models already added, including the entire Bburago and Minichamps archives, we’re well on our way to being complete. 

The catalog itself will live within the hobbyDB collectibles database. As many of you know, our team’s mission is to preserve databases and provide free, accurate information to everyone. Adding the FERRARI Model Club Catalog to the database is our perfect way to continue to achieve this mission and preserve this information for Ferrari collectors all across the world. By the way, it’s super easy for any club to have their own database powered by hobbyDB (for example, see the Hard Rock Pin Collector Database. Even if your club already has a database, we will do the hard work to ensure it is preserved for future generations to come. Interested in learning more, contact our data team.

The FERRARI Model Club Database also provides collectors the ability to manage their collections, check values, add items that they love to their wish lists, and safely buy/sell items on its marketplace.

Some of the super sweet items already added include – 

Corgi Toys Ferrari Berlinetta 250 LM

Classics such as this Corgi Toys Ferrari Berlinetta 250 LM


Bburago 488 GTB

Modern larger models such as this Bburago 488 GTB in 1/18 Scale

Politoys Penny P4

To unusual items like this Politoys Penny P4

Brumm 1972 Race Transporter Set

or this Brumm 1972 Race Transporter Set.


But also some more unusual items such as this Avon Ferrari 53 After Shave

And books such as Racing Sports Car Guide: Ferrari 512 No. 2

The Plan – 

Over the next few weeks, the teams will be consistently adding new items to the FERRARI Model Club Database. They will be going brand by brand and will add Ferrari models from rarer brands such as A.D.B., Aguti, AK, Amacar, AMR and many others. 

Have something that you would like to add to the database? Learn how to become a part of the project here.

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Looks fantastic!!!!   Will this new database be searchable from  If an item is already there, will it be duplicated in the Ferrari model database?

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Celebrate Independence Day With These Spirited July 4 Collectibles

Ron Ruelle

Ron Ruelle hobbyDB

It’s a long weekend for some folks, but collecting never takes a holiday! Fourth of July, Independence Day, whichever you want to call it, is a big deal for a lot of toys and figures. In this case, we are considering overtly patriotic collectibles, so even if they aren’t quite tied into July 4 events, you will still salute them.

july 4 hot wheelsThe diecast world has embraced the holiday quite frequently. Johnny Lightning did a series of July 4th cars in 2000 with special cards and graphics. Hot Wheels responded with annual holiday cars for the next several years, with July 4 being one of them. And as part of their 50th Anniversary, Hot Wheels did an extended Stars and Stripes series, which hit the pegs last summer. One thing they all have in common… they are all based on American marques, of course. Even Radio Flyer gets in on the action.

july 4 evel knievelThere are unabashedly patriotic things that aren’t related specifically to Independence Day but nevertheless feel right at home on this date more than any other. Stars and stripes: who wore it better, Captain America or Evel Knievel? Trick question… the answer is Elton John (so what if he’s British?).

july 4 patriots 76ersAnother question: Most patriotic sports uniforms… the Philadelphia 76ers or the New England Patriots? Both wrong!  It’s the Colorado Rockies (hard to top “purple mountains majesty,” right?).

July 4 hard rock cafeHard Rock Cafe has released numerous pins and collectibles related to July 4. If you’re looking to complete the set, there are over 1,500 pins in our database just for this occasion, so get going.

july 4 garbage pail kidsThe Garbage Pail Kids have also managed to find a way to commemorate independence in their own, umm, special way. Numerous cards fit the spirit of the day, not to mention their takedowns of various politicians over the years.

july 4 smash up derbyThe 1976 American Bicentennial was a year-long stars and stripes fest that produced some of the greatest collectibles and toys ever. Seaboard Coast Line Railroad created a special Spirit of ’76 locomotive which became one of the best selling electric train models ever. Not to be outdone, Kenner decorated their already marvelous Smash-Up Derby set with a red, white and blue motif for the most patriotic Ford vs Chevy battle ever. Buick offered a, ahem, subtle “Free Spirit” livery on the ’76 Century (or would that be a Bicentury?) And of course, many states got into the action with special Bicentennial license plates.

july 4 independence dayThe 1996 sci-fi flick Independence Day celebrated by blowing up the White House as well as half the other iconic buildings in the world. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum versus aliens meant spectacular, explosive fun at the cineplex and on your shelf.

july 4 uncle samjuly 4 black catSpeaking of holiday explosives, fireworks may have been invented in China, but doggone it, The USA has certainly made them our own thing. Black Cat has one of the wickedest logos of any company in the world, and this vintage poster is pure dynamite.

Other icons of the holiday have foreign roots as well. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France, of course, but she has made her home in New York ever since. The classic poster of Uncle Sam, oddly enough, was derived from a British character. Miss America on the other hand? She’s from here and drives a Mercury Comet, of course, at least in this ad.

However you choose to celebrate Independence Day, please be careful this weekend. Don’t want to damage the corners on those boxes and blister packs, right?

Got any other favorite July 4 related collectibles? Tell us about them in the comments!

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Bud Kalland

Very cool and well written. Thanks!!

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