Displaying your Collection so you look like a Decorator, not a Hoarder

What good is a collection if you can’t display it and enjoy it? We’ve gathered several unique, creative and visually appealing collection displays to help inspire you in your efforts to display your collected objects proudly.

Antique weathervanes hung on the wall:

Antique Weather Vanes Collection

Photo courtesy of Steven Randazzo for iVillage.com

Vintage cameras hung with velcro and fishing line inside empty frames:

Vintage Cameras in Frames

Photo by Tim Melideo, used with permission http://timmelideo.com/

Vintage cameras again, displayed on narrow shelves along a chalkboard wall with chalked labels:

Vintage Cameras on a Chalkboard

Photo by Photo.net Editorial on Photo.net

An Italian Museum of Artfully Arranged Everyday Objects

Ettore Guatelli Museum

Photo by Ettore Guatelli Museum

Display small objects inside other interesting pieces with glass displays like this shell collection in an antique aquarium:

Antique Aquarium Shell Display

Shell collection of Linda Rodin, featured in Real Simple

Group similar objects in various sizes together on a tabletop for a conversation starter:

Globe Collection on Display

Globe Collection for Real Simple

Do you collect something unusual and want tips on how to display it? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see if the community here has any ideas for you.