The Radiator Springs Census

LMQEveryone at hobbyDB is a huge Cars fan. Which is why one of our first major projects making sure that we have a page on every resident of Radiator Springs – not to mention all the characters who live elsewhere in the Cars universe, plus the designers, writers, producers, animators and everyone else who helped bring them to life!

As of right now, we’re up to about 50 characters and  100s of models, although by the time you read this, it’ll almost certainly be more! There should be plenty more other stuff too, since we’ll be covering every piece of merchandise from diecast models to plush toys – and as Cars has made over a billion dollars in merchandising sales, that’s a lot to keep us busy!

Luckily, we’ve got help coming in from Dean, Josh and the rest of the crew from the Cars The Toys Forum.

But we still need more so if you’re a Lightning McQueen fan and you enjoy cataloging, have a forum you’d like to get the word out on, or want to help in any way, just get in touch!

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