Use the hobbyDB Wish List to Complete your Collections!

We get a lot of emails at hobbyDB asking if a specific item, such as a diecast car model, is for sale. Hopefully this post will explain a bit more about how the hobbyDB Marketplace works.

Users can buy or sell items easily and safely on our site. And any time an item is available for sale, you will see a red banner on the item.


But here’s what you might not know… Items for sale are posted by individual Users, not by hobbyDB. And not everything on the site is for sale. Users can choose to put an item on display in their collection without putting up for sale. If an item is for sale, it will have a banner that indicates the offering.

The best way to keep an eye out for when an item you want becomes available is to add it to your Wish List. You can then visit your List from time to time and see if any are up for sale. And coming soon, hobbyDB will be able email you when something on your Wish List is offered for purchase. (And if an item you want is not currently listed at all in our catalog, you can create an entry and then add it to your list.)


Start filling in your Wish List today, and keep your eyes on the prize!

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