Inside the World of Super Collector Andy Goodman

If you’ve ever wanted to see what a collection of 30,000 diecast models looks like, you can visit Andy Goodman. Andy is a super collector of all kinds and scales of diecast vehicles, specializing in Jada and Hot Wheels, cars, limiting himself primarily to cars based on real-world prototypes. He’s also a member of the hobbyDB Advisory Council, a group of experts on various subjects who help steer the direction of our site and keep us on top of the latest developments in the collectible world. hobbyDB caught up with him recently at SuperToyCon this past summer in Las Vegas.

He recently opened his Mechanicsburg, PA home to the folks at Jalopnik for a tour of the garage and basement and other nooks and crannies where the diecast can be found. The sheer scale of his collection and his friendly demeanor are amazing.

Andy Goodman, Jada ahd Hot Wheels Collector

Screenshot courtesy of

Andy was the founder of, but his extremely organized collection suggests anything but a hoarding rodent. And even with over 30,000 cars in his collection, he shows restraint. In the interview, he describes finding a diecast model he likes at a store, but then leaving it behind because he would rather not branch into another brand or series at the moment. A man’s gotta know his limits, right? Nonetheless, over 1,000 square feet of his house, including quite a bit of the garage is devoted to the collection.

Read more and watch the video on Jalopnik.

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gerard weitz
gerard weitz
5 years ago

Hello Andy,

My name is Gerard Weitz, and like you, I have always had a thing for cars. As a child, money was tight, and I had a small collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels, along with a bunch of model cars. I have most of my originals some 50 years later. I wanted to ask you about “Muscle Machines” in particular, as you seem to have all of them ever produced. Do you have, or know of a 56 Pontiac Safari in black? I am certain that I saw one in either Wal-Mart or Target a while back. I have a life long friend and we are both into Pontiacs, real and/or die cast. He thinks that I dreamed this up. We both have silver and teal colored 56 Safari’s by Muscle Machines. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I enjoyed the youtube video of your collection! 

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