Corrugated Car Captivates Collectors

1979 Lincoln Continental cardboard front
Detroit-born artist and teacher Shannon Goff was always fascinated by cars in general and her grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental in particular. For years she had contemplated making a replica of it in some medium but the sheer size of the project was intimidating.

Did we mention it’s a full-sized replica? Finally, she decided on cardboard as a medium and jumped in full throttle. “I had considered making it the color of my grandfather’s, but in the end I decided white was perfect,” said Goff. “It’s forlorn and forgotten, a ghost rider of sorts. It’s about memory and loss and is ultimately a memorial to my grandfather and to the city of Detroit.”

1979 Lincoln Continental cardboard spare tire

Even without engine or undercarriage parts, the car is impressive in its attention to details such as keyholes and delicate bits of chrome trim. You can see more photos and read more about it on

On a similar note, there is a full sized Mercedes-Benz 300SL made entirely out of wood on hobbyDB. If you know of any other similar full sized models, let us know in the comments!

1979 Lincoln Continental cardboard steering wheel

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