28 Year Old Easter Egg Found in Nintendo Punch Out!! Game

Ron Ruelle hobbyDB

Normally, when you find an old Easter egg, you are probably better off just disposing of it because no one likes rotten eggs. In the case of video games, it’s a fun thing.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! game was a humongous hit for Nintendo in 1987, pitting the player against increasingly difficult (and larger) opponents. Over the years, players found a few hints buried in the game that could help you advance to new levels, but one had gone undiscovered until recently.

Nintendo Mike Tyson Punch Out

If you look at the image above, there is a bearded man in  the front row towards the left side of the screen. As you play the game, members of the crowd move around a bit here and there, but this particular guy is the key… when he nods, it’s time to land a perfect knockout body blow. You can see it in this video. No work on whether he is aware of some kind of fix, or if he is just extremely prescient.

You can read more about the discovery here. Anyone out there know of additional Easter Eggs in old games? Let us know in the comments!

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