How hobbyDB’s Partnerships Bring You the Best in Data!

When it comes to collectibles data, hobbyDB wants to have the highest quality you’ll find anywhere on the net. That’s one reason why one of our biggest initiatives right now is our partnership drive. One of the best sources for data is right from the horse’s mouth so to speak, so we’re partnering with customizers, brands and artists to get their data onto the site in as complete form as possible.

Kidrobot Archive

The Official Kidrobot Archive now with more than 4,000 entries

Here’s how it works; the brand, customizer or artist provides us with the data in their back catalog in as much detail as possible, then our data elves get it all uploaded. In return, whoever provided the data gets an “Official Archive” subject page, a free storefront to sell their items on hobbyDB and major promotion across all our social media. Of course, not all these advantages are a fit for everyone, so they can also pick and choose from the menu! Some opt for just an official archive, others just a store and cross-promotion. But they all give us awesome data.

So far, we’ve had an awesome response to the program from a huge variety of places. Customizers like Brew CityChris Stangler and Liberty Promotions are on board, along with artists like Frank Kozik and brands including AutomodelloKidrobot and Kess! We’re even able to extend the program to work with institutions like The Shelby American Collection museum in Gunbarrel, whose content we plan to document. They also now host their official store on hobbyDB.

The Shelby Museum store on hobbyDB!

The Shelby Museum store on hobbyDB!

We think it’s a great way to get correct, quality listings, great images and offer mutual assistance to some of the entities which make collecting such an awesome hobby. It certainly seems to be working great so far!

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