Now We’re Archiving Hot Wheels Conventions on hobbyDB


Several companies and individuals have teamed up with hobbyDB to create official online archives of their products. In a single search, you can find every model car or vinyl art toy from a particular source, and a history as complete and accurate as possible because it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

This week we’re launching a different kind of archive. Mark and Jennifer Millhollin of Collectors Events Unlimited have joined forces with hobbyDB to archive all convention cars, convention hats and other merchandise issued as part of the Hot Wheels Conventions. This would even include RAOK cars (these Random Act of Kindness cars are given out by convention visitors to others and are very much part of the spirit of these events). As the organizers of these events, their historical perspective is priceless for collectors. There are actually two pages of archives. One is for Hot Wheels Annual Collectors Conventions that are held every year in California and the other is for Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals that are held in a different city every year, in the Mid-West, the South, on the East Coast etc.


Mike Strauss started the Hot Wheels Conventions in 1986,” explained Jennifer. “He thought it would be fun for collectors to get together. We came along in 2000 to help out, worked alongside Mike, and eventually, took over the day to day of running the conventions.” So they definitely have the inside scoop.

While you might suspect a lot of work goes into organizing one of these events, you probably have no idea how long it takes. “We schedule one and a half to two years out for hotels, “she said. “ Then, choose, design and order cars one year out…  Lots of patience, flexibility, and time…, and we could not do it without all of our fantastic volunteers!”


A%2771_Datsun_Bluebird_510_Wagon_Model_Cars_ea81aa52-647d-4c16-8f2f-2ad22c26a278bout those special cars… One of the highlights of these conventions is picking up the special collectibles exclusive to the event. The super limited edition cars have gone from simple tampos on the roof to complete liveries with alternate and chase versions and custom packaging. And don’t forget pins, hats, and other items that are available at these gatherings. All of these things will be archived on hobbyDB as well.

These shows are about more than just collecting toys cars, however. “One of our long time attendees lost his collection to a fire.” Jennifer said. “Some great friends let everyone know, so they rounded up Hot Wheels from any and everyone and set up with us to present them to him at the Nationals…  He was super surprised to see how many people came out and supported him.”

Hot Wheels Convention

This partnership will be a boon to all Hot Wheels collectors. ”hobbyDB works tirelessly to support the collecting community and promote established and new events,” said Jennifer. “Rob and the other team members have a deep understanding of what it means to be a Hot Wheels collector. They put the community first when developing the database. We love seeing them at our events and are so excited to have our official Hot Wheels event archive on hobbyDB!”


When they’re not organizing events Mark’s career has him building motors for drag racers, which he has done in his own shop for over 25 years. Jennifer is in the toy business with her own shop. Both interests dovetail nicely into the Hot Wheels collecting business.  “The people, camaraderie, our passion for little toy cars!” she said. “It’s all so exciting!”


If you have not gone yet, try it!


To find out more info or to book a ticket for the 30th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention, October 5-9th in Los Angeles go here (but hurry, they usually sell out well in advance of the event!).

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