Designer Notes: Heller Morane-Sauliner 406

Philippe de Lespinay Heller Cox Philippe de Lespinay started with Heller, the French model kit company in the 1960s as a designer and project engineer. He also also worked for Cox, who are now known for their remote control and gas powered vehicles, but also created many kits over the years. More recently, he was the curator of the Los Angeles Slot Car Museum. And he’s on the hobbyDB Advisory Board, so yeah, he’s our kind of guy.

hobbyDB will be regularly sharing his insights on particular models he has worked on including production kits, never-produced projects, and his own custom builds. We hope you enjoy the journey through his career as well.

Read more about his history in the toy and model business here.

Heller Morane-Sauliner 406

Heller Morane-Sauliner 406

The kit had been designed by Jean-Michel Trochain, a really good guy in the R&D department at Heller and a WW2 aircraft expert.

Heller Morane-Sauliner 406

I was responsible for creating the finished drawings for the assembly instructions for the 1/72 scale model of the MS406. 

Heller Morane-Sauliner 406

Hre’s a shot of a finished model of the Heller MS 406

Heller Morane-Sauliner 406

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Irineo Romero
Irineo Romero
7 years ago

Beautiful airplane but somewhat striking color pattern.

Please, I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to locate a model kit for a 1/24 or at least 1/36 GM Coach PD- 4501 Greyhound deck-and-a-half passenger bus. Can anybody guide me here, perhaps?

Thank you and keep up the good work, fellas!

Very truly yours, 

Irineo R.

7 years ago
Reply to  Irineo Romero

If there are model kits that you know of you can add them to the database and add them to your Wishlist, you will then get a notification when they come up.  That is probably the best we can do for you.

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