Behold the Power of the hobbyDB Wish List!


Wishing and hoping and thinking and dreaming,
Planning and scheming each night of those cars,
Wont get them into your paws!

Wishing on a star won’t get that item into your  collection. Adding it to your hobbyDB Wish List will!

Perhaps you, like the cartoon teddy bear in our adorable illustration, are wishing, hoping, planning and, indeed, dreaming of adding the green Hot Wheels AMC Rebel Machine to your collection. And perhaps, like me, you’re wishing you could also add about 500 OTHER models to your collection too! The big question, how on earth do you keep track of them all?!

That’s where the hobbyDB Wish List comes in. Wish List is one of hobbyDB’s most powerful and popular features; so far, our users have added over 14,000 entries to their Wish Lists. That means that you never need to worry about them slipping your mind again because the list is always there for you to consult. Whenever you’re out buying at a toy show or store, all you need to do is check it on your phone.

Best of all, though, whenever an item on your Wish List comes up for sale on hobbyDB’s marketplace, you’ll get an alert email letting you know about it. (And of course, if you buy an item on hobbyDB, it automatically adds itself to your on-site Collection Management so you don’t need to add it separately!) So you don’t need to remember to run daily searches, or that you’ll miss something you desperately need, it’ll come to you!

Adding an item to your Wish List is easy and there are two ways to do so. You can do a quick-add in the search results;



Or you can do it on any item page;



Notice that on the item page, there’s lots more information about how “wanted” the item is. That tells you how much competition you have by noting the number of total users who have this item in their Wish Lists. It’s handy if you’re thinking of selling something on-site too, because you’ll know how many people already want to buy it and who’ll get emails alerting them when yours goes up for sale! You don’t need to worry about duplicate Wish List adds, either. If the item’s already in your Wish List, it’ll tell you here, and the button will grey-out and become un-clickable. (The button in search will do the same for items already on your list.) And because hobbyDB’s database catalogs all the variants of an item in detail, you can add the exact one you want to your Wish List (or all of them!)

Once an item’s on your Wish List, taking it off is super-simple too. Just go to your dropdown, click on Wish List and you’ll see “Remove” buttons on all the items on there. If you buy an item on the site, it doesn’t automatically remove it from your Wish List in case you want more than one. And if you want to share your Wish List with someone else, it’s as simple as just sending them the URL!



We’ve got a lot of exciting ideas and features for Wish List in the pipeline too – eventually you’ll be able to specify what condition you want the item in and how much you’re willing to pay and only be alerted when examples come up for sale that match your criteria. We’re also working with more and more manufacturers to ensure items are added to the site before they go on sale, so you can add those to your Wish Lists and not have to worry about missing them when they get released. We’ll even have a feature where you can do an auto-buy when an item comes up that matches the condition degree and price you want by putting in your payment details ahead of time.

For right now, though, it’ll save you having to carry that list of wants around in your brain or on paper. So why not add the Hot Wheels AMC Rebel Machine (or something else you want!) to your Wish List right now – all it takes is one click!

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