hobbyDB: 1 Million Data Donations and Counting!

Many collectors often first become experts in what they collect and then start to document either the products and/or the history of their favorite brand or subject matter. There are literally thousands of specialist books written by these collectors and website databases that have been built to help document their collections.

Many of the owners of these data depositories love what we are doing. Quite a few of them have joined our Advisory Council (which now has 61 members) or have given us permission to digitize their books and import their databases. We log each of these donations and there are now more than 200 donors who have given us more than 1,000,000 items that we still have to add to hobbyDB!

Here some examples:

Schuco Bell BoyUlrich Schweizer from Germany has written books on Schuco, Gama and other vintage toy companies (he is also a member of our Advisory Board)

Tri-ang Hornby Books

Some of the books written by Pat Hammonds on British Model Trains (another member of the hobbyDB Advisory Board)


A database of Soviet model cars from Max Paransky’s website


A database of wooden Wild West buildings build by our member Oudennieuwarchief who has already added rubber model cars and Sci-Fi toy guns to hobbyDB

We are working hard on adding all this extra data to hobbyDB.  On top of that we also receive data from our Museum program and the Official Archives we are building with various collectible brands.  We would love to get this data onto hobbyDB and therefore available to you.  So we’re are on the look-out for volunteers that can help with this work.  If you want to help or if have written a book, have images or a database and like hobbyDB’s mission contact us!

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