These 5 Nintendo 64 Games Will Never Get Old

When most 90’s kids are asked about their favorite old video games, they immediately think of their dusty Nintendo 64 console tucked away in the basement. Odds are, this timeless machine still works and ensures immediate nostalgia. Our childhood consisted of horrible graphics, pixelated screens, and rumble packs, but this didn’t stop us from playing ridiculously fun games with our friends or even playing solo for several hours at a time.

nintendo 64 consoleNintendo 64 introduced us to the wildly popular Mario and friends as well as Donkey Kong, Zelda, and more, which have all evolved into massive franchises including endless amounts of games, toys, and collectibles. Although there were hundreds of great Nintendo 64 games, these five, in particular, will never get old.

N64 mario kart 641. Mario Kart 64

“It’s-a-me, Mario Number One!” If you didn’t read that in Mario’s distinguished Italian accent, you didn’t play this game enough. Mario Kart is a classic, and always will be. Not one person can say they didn’t like speeding through Kalimari Desert, and Rainbow Road, and dodging those annoying banana peels and pesky shells. Whether you always claimed Mario or speedy Toad, these characters will remain in our Nintendo-loving hearts forever.

N64 legend of zelda2. The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time

This game was most likely your only shiny gold cartridge and stuck out among all the rest. As Link, it was our quest to prevent Ganondorf from reaching the all-knowing Triforce. With the help of Navi and Princess Zelda, Link embarks on an exciting mission to collect items and weapons, and treks through dungeons to wake the sleeping sages. According to critics, The Legend of Zelda was considered by many to be the greatest video game of all time, and for good reason.

N64 donkey kong 643. Donkey Kong 64

The Donkey Kong rap at the beginning of this game was pretty epic, but the game was even cooler. Donkey Kong 64 was one of the first video games with enhanced graphics and bigger environments, simulating a 3D experience. With the 5 different Kongs to choose from including the classic DK, Diddy, Chunky, Lanky, and Tiny, you could choose to go on a mission to get your golden bananas back from the evil King K. Rool or battle your friends in one of the multiplayer arenas.

N64 mario party4. Mario Party

Mario Party was one of those games that you could play for hours and never get bored. If you were fortunate enough to have four controllers, you and your friends could play up to 100 turns and compete in a new minigame almost every round. The best feeling was beating your opponent to the star, but throwing your enemy off Snowball Summit or eating the most in Eatsa Pizza was super fun too.

N64 pokemon snap5. Pokemon Snap

This one is a major throwback. As Todd Snap, your job is to travel to Pokemon Island to take photos of the various characters throughout the different regions. In order to get the best photos, you could throw apples and pester balls to get the attention of the particular Pokemon. It was always so satisfying to snap a quality picture of Lapras in the ocean or Snorlax lying in the grass. Afterward, you can select your finest photos for Professor Oak, and you’re evaluated on your skills to capture all the Pokemon at the most opportune moment.

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