Loy-Nel-Art McCoy

 screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-14-01-pmA Guest Blog Post by Antonio Casias 

Antonio Casias is a McCoy Pottery Specialist, as well as a Redline specialist who has collected Redlines for 5 years now, and has collected McCoy Pottery for almost 9 years.


JW McCoy, the second McCoy who opened a pottery works in Ohio, opened his plant in 1899. In 1903, the plant was destroyed due to a fire, and within two years, was rebuilt. By this time, the famous Loy-Nel-Art pieces were born. Curious of how Loy-Nel-Art McCoy got its name? It was based on the first names of JW’s three sons: Lloyd, Nelson, and Arthur.

By 1905, when the new plant was up and running, they acquired some new equipment, and began producing these unique pieces.

They are in fact unique in that each one has different decoration. These were made in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


As shown above, the mark is a simple stamp.

There were many potteries that had pieces similar to Loy-Nel-Art, but what makes Loy-Nel-Art more appealing is that instead of one solid color, Loy-Nel-Art features a splash of green on the front, and a splash of burnt orange on the back. Some pieces may even have a raised design on the back, but these are rare.

Pieces generally never go for under $150, but a Jardiniere/Pedestal sets may go for over $1000 if both are in excellent condition.


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