Only in Boulder…

Young Christian Braun

Musings By Joschik

Christian is one of the founders of the hobbyDB project and his musings share some of his collecting experience.

I have now been living for almost 3 years in Boulder and find it a fascinating place.  Not only is it the place where Subaru Outbacks come to die.


A nice Outback in 1/64

There is also all kind of bizarre niceness.  For example stopping at a local thrift store the day before yesterday I was first greeted by a car that had a Keep Boulder nice sticker and then proceeded to do so by sporting a crochet spare tire “protection”.

Inside I then found this Green Army Man in a Tree Position

The assistant offered me the rest of his platoon, they were doing other Yoga positions…

Only in Boulder…

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  1. Karl says:

    Must be hard to do yoga AND keep your helmet on the whole time. 🙂

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