Exciting Changes are in Store for the Diecast Hall of Fame

Diecast Hall of Fame Logo

The Diecast Hall of Fame (DHOF) is roaring into action! A staple of the diecast world, the DHOF is best known for honoring pioneers of the model vehicle industry for their efforts to promote and enhance the hobby. From designers to entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of talented folks on the inductee list.

Since its foundation in 2009 by CJ Cramer and Jeff Glasson, the DHOF has grown into one of the diecast community’s best-known and favorite events.

“Since the beginning, we’ve enjoyed incredible support from the diecast community” said CJ Cramer. “With more than 170 inductees, including Jay Leno, Carroll Shelby, and Larry Wood, we’ve achieved some amazing things together.”

Jay Leno Diecast Hall of Fame

Diecast Hall of Fame Inductees Jay Leno (2012), Billy Gibbons (2016), Bruce Meyer (2015)

Now collectors across the entire diecast community are coming together to bring new life into the annual event. “With the success of SuperToyCon, I’ve decided to pass the DHOF reins to other passionate collectors who will have the know-how and resources to take the DHOF to the next level,” said CJ.

Folks from all walks of life throughout the diecast community are ready to take on this new adventure. New event collaborators include DieCast X, hobbyDB, the Lamley Group, Model Auto Review, T-Hunted from Brazil, and more. These partners will work together to take the DHOF to the next level, introducing new Models of the Year awards, and a new spin on customizing competitions. For the next few months, until an event producer joins the coalition, hobbyDB will be running the online aspects of the event.

Diecast Hall of Fame Partners


Editor of the largest German model car publication, Modellfahrzeug, and organizer for 27 years of a similar event for Germany, Andreas Berse, will be a special advisor to help make sure the event is a success. “We want to get back to also honoring the models that are made as well as the people,” said Berse.

Diecast Hall of Fame Class of 2009

The First Diecast Hall of Fame Class of 2009 – Kneeling, Left to Right: Dave Chang (Diecast Designer), Mike Zarnock (Diecast Historian), Bruce Pascal (Diecast Historian), Jimmy Chavez (Diecast Designer), George Barris (Automotive Legends), Standing, second row Left to Right: Jerry Yates (RAOK Award), Tom Zahorsky (Diecast Designer), Sheri Abbey (Diecast Customizer), Japan George (Intriguing Collector), Tom Daniel (Automotive Legends), Joe Kelly Jr. (Diecast Historian), Bob Parker (Diecast Historian), Luis Tanahara (Diecast Designer), Ray Nakamura (Intriguing Collector) Back Row, Left to Right: Shane Whittenbarger (Intriguing Collector), Larry Wood (Diecast Designer), Carson Lev (Diecast Designer), Vince Mosley (Diecast Customizer), “Big Daddy” Eli Roth (Automotive Legend), Chris Walker (Diecast Customizer)

We hope you’ll join us on this new adventure in diecast and look forward to welcoming you along for the ride! Be on the lookout for future announcements regarding event timing, themes, and more!

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Luis Tanahara
Luis Tanahara
7 years ago

Excellent move Christian!!!

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