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Exciting Changes are in Store for the Diecast Hall of Fame

Diecast Hall of Fame Class of 2009

Diecast Hall of Fame Class of 2009 – Kneeling, Left to Right: Dave Chang (Diecast Designer), Mike Zarnock (Diecast Historian), Bruce Pascal (Diecast Historian), Jimmy Chavez (Diecast Designer), George Barris (Automotive Legends), Standing, second row Left to Right: Jerry Yates (RAOK Award), Tom Zahorsky (Diecast Designer), Sherri Abbey (Diecast Customizer), Japan George (Intriguing Collector), Tom Daniel (Automotive Legends), Joe Kelly Jr. (Diecast Historian), Bob Parker (Diecast Historian), Luis Tanahara (Diecast Designer), Ray Nakamura (Intriguing Collector) Back Row, Left to Right: Shane Whittenbarger (Intriguing Collector), Larry Wood (Diecast Designer), Carson Lev (Diecast Designer), Vince Mosley (Diecast Customizer), “Big Daddy” Eli Roth (Automotive Legend), Chris Walker (Diecast Customizer)