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Who here hasn’t remembered an item they bought ages ago and squirreled it away nice and safe, only to open up the closest or look at the stack of boxes and just… stare at the intimidating wall that is “My Collection?” The ability to search through my horde without opening all those boxes is why I joined hobbyDB. Otaku AF I’m the type that keeps their packaging. Not only do the boxes include pretty graphics, but I also have all the weapons and accessories stored safely. I also  know one day I might sell my figures. I can easily look at the back of the box for any details I need, like scale or special features, but I don’t really want to look. I’d rather be lazy and hop online and see all the details. It’s also a life-saver for those who don’t save the original packaging.While I’m thinking about my figures, I should check up on my Figma series and how many I own–guess I have to peek inside my closet. Oh, but wait! I can go to My Collection on hobbyDB and search for any figures or for how many Links I own.

Legend of Zelda Windwaker Link

And guess what; the highly anticipated search feature is here! I don’t have to scroll through all my collectibles anymore. Managing my collection just got a lot easier to manage. mycollection That brings me to my next eventuality: I must buy more! Searching in the database lets me see all the reference pages. I like to think of it as looking at a ‘straight from the factory’ version. Clicking the Shop button on the reference page for the Supernatural Chevy Impala is like window shopping except without going out into the cold and bumping into weird people on the streets. I can see right there on my screen which stores carry it, just as if it were in a display window and I’m walking on the street.My favorite option is clicking the More Info link to learn about item condition and shipping costs from that specific store. It’s like stepping inside the store except without that door jingle announcing my entrance. I’m the type of collector who needs Mint on Mint surrounded in Mint until I’m all Minted out, which never happens. So even if the conditions are set to Mint, I still need to confirm with the seller before I commit to any purchase. It’s a gift and a curse to be such a pristine-orientated collector.

I can ask the seller a question and confirm that this Han is UGH (Ultimate Galactic Hunt).

I can ask the seller a question and confirm that this Han is UGH (Ultimate Galactic Hunt).

I always wondered if there was an easier way (okay, a lazier way) to contact sellers–especially after I finally decided, “Yes, you are the one. You will sit on my shelf and look pretty forever!” and made my purchase, only to give them the wrong address. Oh No! What have I done!? With the site’s newest feature, I don’t have to waste time searching the database for the item I bought and ask a question about it. I can visit their store and ask any question I want. It’s the same process I’m used to, but streamlined. I can ask if they are willing to gift wrap it or add extra padding for shipping to keep the box corners safe and my precious figure snug tight. Overall, I’m super pleased to see the site improve and meet my needs as a collector. I don’t have to worry whether my voice is heard, because updates like these are proof. I feel like I have my own little place here I can share and watch grow.  

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Michaela Kaylie Nightingale
Michaela Kaylie Nightingale
7 years ago

I’m like you Christina.  I buy the best, and if sometimes the best isn’t good enough, I wait and buy a better version.  What really irritates me is sellers who advertise their wares as ‘fresh from package’.   I ask them where the package is, and they say, ‘   i threw it away’.  Ouch!

Christina Studebaker
Christina Studebaker
7 years ago

Exactly. If I could buy straight from the factory and drive it home I would. How is THAT fresh? I can’t understand why sellers think that’s a good idea.

Saddest story I heard was my friends returning from Japan and they didn’t have enough room in their suitcase so they had to throw away the boxes!

Michaela Kaylie Nightingale
Michaela Kaylie Nightingale
6 years ago

This is me replying to me. huh!  It’s too hard.  Anyway, I don’t collect ’57 Chevys anymore, it came to the point where the two cars I need, just aren’t available.  Do ya wanna know what they are?  Majorette yellow chrome, with or without ‘Hot Engine’  tampo,  and Matchbox colour  changer black to purple.  They just don’t exist. do they?  That’s why I stopped and concentrated on Mamod steam engines.  I have 2 that run and one for spares.

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