No Mistake: Hot Wheels Error Cars Can Be Cool Collectibles

Warning: This article contains a lot of errors. And we’re not sorry.

hot wheels error datsun pickup

Looks like they ran out of metal on this Datsun 620 Pickup!

hot wheels error nathan lill

Nathan also collects Chrysler Crossfires in all sizes.

Nathan Lill (aka Maelstrom) isn’t like most Hot Wheels collectors. He isn’t looking for perfection on the pegs. In fact, he’s looking for flaws. “My motto is if it ain’t broke, I’m not buying,” he says. Nathan collects error cars. The stranger the flaw, the better. “I collect all types of errors from mis-packed to unassembled cars. Pretty much any type of error be it a wheel, part, paint or assembly problem can happen to any Hot Wheels car. It is virtually infinite what can be found while looking at each car, so every case or peg full of cars can have something.’

hot wheels error double vision

This mis-carded Lexus SC400 is the one that started it all for Nathan. So, is it a car on the wrong card, or a card with the wrong car? 

His collection is filled with imperfection… over thousands of examples in fact. The obsession started in 2000 when he spotted something odd at Target. “First one I found was a Lexus SC400 on a Double Vision #212 card at the local Target. Little did I know that would lead to close to 12,000 more of them.” 

hot wheels error collection

Just a small error sampling… Nathan has several more walls like this.

As for the rest of the Hot Wheels universe, the Maelstrom is the only car where he collects correct versions (Un-errored? Non-Wrong? Not-botched?). The need to pick up other vehicles is mitigated by finding an incorrect version of each one. “One way or another I get most of the cars I want with some type of error,” he says. “I also don’t have the space to keep one of everything, so I no longer get a correct version of the vehicle if I don’t need to.

hot wheels error baby boomer

It’s kind of surprising the extra parts fit in the blister so nicely.

While a lot of errors are subtle (crooked or missing graphics, incorrect card, etc) some are doozies. He once found a Baby Boomer car with an extra stroller buggy (“It’s for twins,” he laughs.) He also grabbed a Chevy Nova with a Mercury Cougar base that really doesn’t fit in shape or theme. “So many to choose from that just look funny, with either too big or too small wheels all around as well.”

hot wheels error beach bomb

This mis-spun Beach Bomb and off kilter button were made for each other.

Production errors are not a new thing. Nathan has acquired several original Redline errors as well. “My favorite is a mis-spun green Beach Bomb,” he said, referring to the assembly rivets not being punched and spun correctly at the base. “Then later on, I came across the matching misprinted button. By far my neatest error pair from that era.” As if finding an original Beach Bomb and button wasn’t hard enough, right?

hot wheels error stingray

Something seems to be missing from this Stingray racer.

Rather than revel in the folly of someone’s mistakes, however, Nathan has grown to appreciate Hot Wheels on a whole new level. “These errors made me look more into the processes involved in creating these cars’ he said.“ Considering the billions of cars that Mattel has turned out over the last half century, the number of errors that make it to the pegs is really quite tiny. And the fact that some people dig them on a different level makes it all in good fun. Since there are collectors who value these mistakes, hobbyDB has a way to document your error cars. Find the regular version of the car in our database, then click “Add Variant” and then under “Production Status” choose “Error.” Add images and descriptions, and you’re done!

hot wheels error 57 chevy

Mis-aligned graphics can be hard to spot sometimes, like on this ’57 Chevy.

As for the values of Hot Wheels Error Cars, there are many factors. Are they worth more because of the rarity? Or less desirable because collectors want perfect examples? The scarcity of the model and type of mistake can greatly swing the value one way or the other as well.

The Sol-Aire is missing its wheels, the GTO has bonus parts.

“When came on line, I was one of the few error collected that posted there regularly. Soon I became known as the crazy Maelstrom and error collecting guy after all the broken cars. It has stuck ever since.” Even if people think he’s crazy, make no mistake, he’s a serious collector.

Got any favorite error cars in your collection (Hot Wheels or otherwise)? Add them to our database! Find the regular version of the vehilce, then click “Add Variant. Under “Production Status,” choose “Error” and add a description and photos.

117 comments to “No Mistake: Hot Wheels Error Cars Can Be Cool Collectibles”

  1. Kelly Berryhill says:

    How rare is this

  2. Jon says:

    Hi nice collection. I was just wondering if you have ever seen the hotwheels stamp missing like this??

    • Nathan says:

      Are you asking about the HW logo molded into the base as apposed to the one you have cast into the interior? I believe it was in 2005 they put the logo as a cut out shape for a few years. Currently, they’ve been removed that feature and gone back to the logo cast in full on the base.

      • Derek Younce says:

        any idea what one of these would be worth?? Not planning on getting rid of them(I have multiple) just trying to see what kind of treasure my keen eye caught years ago

      • Dustin Cutlip says:

        Would you consider a scuff in the paint job a defect or a back window have paint mixed into it

    • Richard says:

      Hi I just bought a  a gold chrome.. SPEED SLAYER… it’s packed perfect from Kmart it hasn’t been tampered with the cars missing the window screen n the black cover over the motor… Dose this manufacturing fault make it worth more n also the backcard shows the car with yellowie gold windscreen n black cover over the motor

  3. Shawn G says:

    I came across and purchased a model from the 2017 year line:
    Aisle Driver
    HW Ride Ons

    I can’t seem to find any info about the one I bought. All the ones online are different from mine. The one I purchased is the same as all the ones online except mine has an additional Driver figure inside of the cart itself. Does anyone  know if any other ones exist or if this makes the figure more valuable?Thanks for your time.

  4. John Defiori says:

    I have a 2009 Hot wheels Wayne’s garage that should have a 56 custom truck. Instead it has a 72 lotus by matchbox. It is worth anything?

  5. Nathan says:

    Shawn G: Very cool find. That would be an error with an extra guy. I’ve seen the red version with an extra guy before. Value wise, it would be around $5 or so.
    John Defiori: I think this package was opened and then returned with the MB car. The bottom of the card looks to have been torn open.

  6. Anthony Surace says:

    Tesla s no windshield . Pretty cool and there are some big tesla collectors!

  7. Cancy says:

    I was wondering if you seen this before with the collector number missing and series missing from box.  Also the name is Chevy Stocker vs lumina stocker which is collector # 275


  8. Kyle M says:

    I have this Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X in my collection with the interior installed backwards. The single seat and steering are on the left facing the rear. Is this a valuable error?

    • Nathan says:

      Neat error. Value is hard to say as it is on a popular casting. It may top out around $20.00 if you find a Nissan collector.

  9. Lourens Brits says:

    Hi There, Please can you advise if you have seen this before, and if you know who would be interested in buying this ?

    This is a Fiat 500, HW City, but the Packaging has the “Treasure Hunt” Logo on it. However I believe there is no Such TH?


  10. M. Humbarger says:

    How much do the cars sell for if they are just the car and the package don’t match? It’s a tatto series set of 4 and the 3rd of 4 has the car from the 2nd of 4.

  11. Seann connelly says:

    Curious about this error. Unspun rivets on both sides like it missed and struck a part of the base. It’s a 66 nova. I can send better pics if needed.

    • Nathan says:

      Very nice! It did as you said where the machine hit the base and not the rivet post.

      • Seann connelly says:

        I can’t seem to find anything simular as in error not car. I’ve seen one and I’ve seen a miss but I can’t find any cars with both rivets unstruck and the base still intact. Could you help me value it? Not for sale just curious. Thanks so much for replying Nathan.

        • Seann says:

          I’m still looking for a palimanary value on the unspun nova as ebay isnt a great gauge. Thx Nathan.

          • Darby C says:

            As a general rule, it’s worth at least as much as the regular version of the model. For a particularly rare model, it could make it worth a substantial amount more, but in reality, error cars are kind of a curiosity that appeals to only some collectors, so the value isn’t too much higher than the norm.

  12. curtis gibson says:

    I got a 67 pontiac gto with a messed up frame like its been in a wreck

  13. coryb says:

    Actually found this as a kid in ‘99 rear stripes have pin stripes and the front does not. What’s the worth?

    • Darby C says:

      That’s odd! Honestly, the value of error cars is hard to gauge. The most valuable ones would be a car that was already very rare and valuable, but for more common cars, most are just worth a few dollars more than the regular cars. This Chevelle looks like the front paint was put on super thick and the pinstripes filled in almost all the way around. Definitely an odd look, and still an “error.”

      • Darrell says:

        This Chevelle without the pinstripes on the hood is actually a known variation for 1999 and is not that rare, but it is still really nice to have. It’s worth approximately the same, or a couple dollars more than the standard pin stripe version.

  14. Ron says:

    Hi, I have this original orange 1932 Ford in unopened package. It has a non-matching button that says Python. Worth anything?

  15. Seann says:

    This is my c6 corvette tooned with crazy paint blob causing tampo to bubble out.

  16. Travis Russell says:

    Hello, I have several errors.

    -’17 GT-R missing windshield.

    -’90 nsx mis-riveted

    – muscle tone mis-riveted

    -solid muscle missing tampo

    -’96 180sx missing rear axle

    -oni warthog missing front axle

    -k.i.t.t. with a plastic peg hook in the package with it

  17. Donovan says:



    I have this Aston Martin V8 Vantage. I noticed the wheel spokes are different to the normal.

    • Anthony Surace says:

      I will give you a little advice, along with everyone else. Mistakes are rarely worth more than the original price of the car due to the fact that it’s so easy to tamper with these after they leave the factory. I would never waste any money on this stuff unless you just find joy in collecting the odd balls. If you don’t believe me with how is it is to tamper with these , please YouTube it. You’ll understand

  18. Seann says:

    I’m curious about this mis-carded camaro convertable. I can’t find it listed anywhere as a 1995 camaro. In 1999 there’s a camaro convertable?

  19. edwin says:

    hi everyone,i had buy one 50th years edition and  i have notice the card is incorrectly it should be the Dune daddy but inside have the HW50 concept, is this a rare/expensive mistake? i include a photo

    • Darby C says:

      Wrong car on the card (or is that the wrong card for the car?) are usually only worth a little more than the correct version of whatever the rare part of the package is. So if it’s a couple of mainline cars, like this combo, it might be worth $3-5, but if it involves a limited edition car like a Super Treasure Hunt or RLC model, it might be worth a lot more than retail.

      • Eric Schwacha says:

        I wish i had read this Before i sent my email about the Lexus SC400 card#364 with the Olds 442 W-30 in it.  Oops

  20. Patrick says:

    Greetings from Germany,

    today i find a 71´ Magnus Walker Porsche 911 with an incorrect mounted base. I think it is a nice find…

  21. Santi says:

    Hello, today i was at target and found this hw50 concept with a missing roof tampos error. I have 6 other errors but nathan thats probably nothing to you lol. But do you know if this could be worth anything? Thanks for your time.

  22. Cptn. Wolfe says:

    I got a Honda CR-X from a 10 Pack and noticed a bit of a paint error. There is a little extra paint on the car. Is this an error car?

  23. Anton says:

    Hello to all. I have a Ford Rancher ’65 with defective windows,
    The windows are reversed. send photos. thanks for the answer

  24. Scott says:

    I bought this from Wal-Mart several years back because I noticed the missing back tires on the green twin mill. Any idea on what it could go for or how i can sell it?

  25. Anthony says:

    $3-$8 max. There is no money in errors because the packs can be easily opened and resealed. YouTube it. Sorry

  26. Jay says:

    What are your thoughts from this? Is it common and does it have a good value?

  27. parv says:

    i have a camaro z28<open> with no interior but body and windshields at place ? whats the worth?

  28. Rj says:

    Whaddya think of this factory sealed with malformed plastic molding?

  29. Rj says:

    And this..

  30. Yvonne Beard says:

    can someone tell me what this car is worth without front wheels? Thanks

  31. Samantha says:

    Can you tell me if this is an error. It says “Bag bagger” should said bad or big bagger correct?

  32. Darby C says:

    That is odd. It should be called the Bad Bagger. However, that mistake would likely be on all of them that share that casting. Do you have a shot of the side so we can see the color and graphics?


  33. Scott says:

    I have this Kurt Busch Stock Car Cruiser, 1:24 scale missing tampons.  This is a limited production of $10,000.  Any idea on the value of this?

  34. Noel says:

    Hello, I’ve found this in the supermarket today, is it valuable?

    • AJ says:

      Sorry not at all. I will cases are easily manipulated. YouTube it there’s a lot of videos of people ceiling and unsealing the package

      • Noel says:

        No, it’s not manipulated it was with all of the hot wheels cars in a supermarket, I’ve seen the videos but if they do it is to fool collectors, not to sell it with the normal ones, I mean it’s a true Hot Wheels without the wheels and the base, if an expert check it will see it’s not fake, now is this valuable?

  35. sasa says:


    Is this something interesting? Is this mistake worth anything!? Thank you and have a nice day!

  36. danH says:

    Just found this El Viento missing the removable canopy piece. It probably isn’t worth much, but it’s still a nice find.

  37. larry rogers says:

    my son has a nerve ‘hammer car’ from 2013, the name stamp underneath is ‘nerve hummer’.  i called mattel and they did id the car as a nerve hammer from that year.   they have not heard of this.  i dont see any other cars like that on the internet.  i have pictures.  it might be rare?

  38. Patty Tillman says:

    I found this 2000 Lexus SC400 that’s supposed to be from the Seein’ 3-D Series, but my card is not marked like that. The card is wrong on a couple of fronts. I have searched all of eBay and most of Google looking for another one to determine value, but I can’t find one.

  39. Luca Battiston says:



    I found this tesla spacman first edition with two different tires. What do you think ?

    Greetings from Germany



  40. Cptn. Wolfe says:

    I went to the market today and picked up this ’82 Taxi. I noticed its front rivet wasn’t connected to the car. Is this an error?

  41. Travis says:

    An error that I had found as a child. A trix cereal car inside of a roll patrol package. I’ve had it for roughly 18 years. Figured I would share it for others to enjoy.

  42. Jm says:

    I have no photo available, but at MalWart the other day I came across a Porsche 917 LH packaged in a seemingly abusive manner such that the car couldn’t fit and one of the wheel/axles was bent nearly 90* under the car. Yeesh XD

  43. Anthony says:

    I had came across a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, what I thought was a treasure hunt and found a defective metal flap underneath the door.

  44. Patrick says:

    Missing engine, seats, truckbed and grill.

  45. Alfredo says:

    Unfortunately I opened it, since at the time I bought it I didn’t know nothing about errors, I just bought it because I liked it how it looked without the grill and exhaust. Missing parts, and not loose inside car.

  46. david says:

    I was curious about if anyone has seen a certain car. I have an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 that is missing the rear wheels. Any idea of value?

  47. Tony says:

    I have a 65 impala the body is in the package to the left like matchbox and the chassis is on backwards. And do have another car reversed in package plus a I think 42 for with the engine loose in the package. Have close to 1000 HW started saving 25 years ago for my son. But none are open. Always got 2, 1 for him t ok play with and one t ok collect. Plenty of older THs. 4 are Ferrari f40s, 2 red, one candy apple red and a black all same #.

  48. Evanlee says:

    Wondering if anybody else has found a treasure hunt ice cream truck in the dead pool packaging for premium Hot Wheels does this make it more valuable

  49. Evanlee says:

    Anyone seen this one.

  50. Bruce says:

    Moto Wing missing the wing, is this  defect?

  51. Nikki Barnes says:

    Everywhere i look this car up it says made in 2018 but the bottom of the car i have says 2016?

    • Joschik says:

      The dates on the baseplate are when they designed the car.  It is almost always before the release date which websites like hobbyDB capture.

  52. Carrie Havas says:

    70 Dodge Hemi

    Had this for couple years! Pretty big error~have you seen another like it?

    Thank you

  53. Carol says:

    I have a 2006 green super modified # 135….

    It has No motor in it…still packaged…what is it worth?


  54. Ryan says:

    I’ve been trying to get a value on this for years. I have never seen an RLC in the wrong package before. Plenty of mainlines like this though. Any have any ideas on value?

  55. chuckles00012 says:

    I got this at Comic-Con in 2005.  I am having a lot of trouble finding any value for it.  This is a picture of my 2005 Comic-Con exclusive.  As you can see, it does not say batmobile like it should.  It says Batcopter.  I have been trying to find some info about it. I did have someone from mattel at the convention say they thought they got rid of all of them but I clearly accidentally got one.  What would you all think the value of this would be?

  56. Andri says:

    Good articel

  57. Andri says:

    I found bad tampo HW art, K at top and paint defect at side of big As. 

    Could you check it and give a reply.



    • Joschik says:

      We generally don’t comment on values of these as that is so hard and outside of our expertise. Sometimes other members here do.

  58. Ryan Mills says:

    Has anyone seen a non treasure hunt with a treasure hunt stamp before?? I just found this looking at my kid’s 2 cars yesterday. I can’t find any Trace of a treasure hunt in this 68 barracuda formula s model.

  59. Eric Schwacha says:

    I was looking through my old 1995 and 1996 hot wheels and Matchbox cars that i left in their original packaging and came across these. Most i have are the ‘First Editions’, then i saw the package for the Lexus SC400(Collector #264) and saw an Olds 442 W-30 in the package. Soon after i found the package for the Olds 442 W-30(Collector #267) with the actual Olds in it. I am not sure if this happened by coincidence, but since i was a collector big time at that age(12), i am certain i saw the wrong car in the Lexus package and sought out the actual package for the Olds 442. Just curious if there is any Value to this(or any of the 1995 or 1996 *First Editions, still in packaging). I do remember back then desperately trying to find the Radio Flyer Wagon and the Dodge Charger Daytona which i have a couple of each still in their packages, but never found the VW Bus. I hope you get this and have a chance to respond, Thank you, Eric.

  60. Mike McDowell says:

    I need help putting a value on this Integra. I’m an avid Hot Wheels collector, an ASE Master Tech and my knickname is Honda Mike so I’m far from ignorant on the subject but I’ve had trouble putting a number to it. I’ve had a few unexpected set backs financially lately and I’m a single father that’s son’s needs outweigh a hot wheels collection, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  61. Ann says:

    My father likes to collect older hotwheels. I came across this for him and he was surprised. He thinks it might of been mislabeled. It says its a 1969 but gold rims weren’t a thing on the cars back then. Any ideas of what year it could be?

  62. Chad says:

    I was going through some Hot Wheels to get rid of and noticed I had two Faster Than Ever Batmobile cars.  I pulled them out and started looking then noticed one has a solid black wheel instead of a gold one.  Would this be considered an :error” car….?  And if so, does it increase the value to error collectors?  Thanks…..

  63. frank says:

    crushed batmobile 2015

  64. frank says:

    same as above 2015

  65. frank says:

    second picture

  66. belair57 says:

    had this matchbox jeep wagoneer with a off graphics/tampos… wonder how much it would be worth

  67. belair57 says:

    cool tampo error… wonder how much its worth

  68. xdie1000deathx says:

    Hi i just buy 70 ford escort RS 1600 the driver mirror is missing this a brand new hot wheels car what is it worth


  69. MLC says:

    Hello! Check out my ’64 Buick Riviera with a reversed chassis/body, still in the package.

  70. CamaroKid13 says:

    I found this at my local store

  71. CamaroKid13 says:

    I dont know if this is rare or not but the paper is stuck in between the base and body.

  72. CamaroKid13 says:

    i have this 64 impala with a wheel error dont know how much it is but its cool in my opinion

  73. CamaroKid13 says:

    here is another picture of the 64′ impala the wheel error is on the inside.

  74. SassyGirl says:






  75. Angela says:

    Here’s a Lamborghini urus with a botched paint job blob and scratched all the way in a line to the front tire

  76. ProfTOKE says:

    Hey just opened this right before I noticed the error…no clamps on front or back…not broken , just never there…worth anything? And would it have been worth much more if I hadn’t just opened it?

    • Joschik says:

      Fun but I think as it is opened it has no value and on card maybe $10 (but hard to sell). Other, more informed opinions more than welcome.

  77. Harley says:

    They all lose some value after opening them. Best to inspect in package.

  78. Shane Johnson says:

    Here is one for a mere $29,000 (if you want it it is missing the blue flame and can be had on Etsy, but hurry up!).

  79. Jaycfunnyman says:

    Anyone have any clue as to what this error car is worth approximately? It’s a hw art series Monte Carlo That literally has not paint on it. The fact that it’s a el Camino, and part of the hw art series but is blank is the best error I’ve seen when it comes to irony. I had 2 Collectors who are appraisers, and both said that they have no clue where to start. If it’s the only hw art card error that has ever been found missing they said it could easily get over $1,000 to the right person. I’ve been looking for any errors where the paint was missing, and I didn’t find any that were close to this car, and none of them were hw art cars. I’ve had people offer $100, then $125 after I didn’t respond, now they have offered $150. I saw he was a collector, and the fact that he went $50 higher in 24 hours makes me think it’s worth a lot. Then there’s the chance that I will not be able to find another collector to buy it.

    any help or advice  would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Joschik says:

      It’s very hard to sell Errors as there is such a small audience.  Additions are more valuable than items left out (like the transfers here).  Prices rarely go over $200.   I would take the $150 (but then I might be wrong).

  80. Thedude says:

    Whats this worth?

  81. Rich74497 says:

    The one I just bought has a dead bug inside.

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