Boris Becker Should Have Documented His Trophies On hobbyDB

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There comes a time in every collector’s life when you lose track of exactly what you have and where you keep it. “Do I own an Antifreeze Hot Wheels Twin Mill? Or is it Metallic Green? And if so, is it in my library, office, garage, or summer cottage?”

Keeping track of your collectibles inventory is important for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to trade one of your vinyl caped Jawa action figures. Or you’re thinking about buying a Princess Di Beanie Baby but can’t remember if you have one already. Or perhaps you need to sell one of your hard-earned Australian Open tennis trophies because you’ve fallen on hard times.

Wait, what?

Boris Becker Australian Open

The kangaroo is an unexpected bonus.

In a case we can all relate to, former professional tennis player Boris Becker has run into financial difficulties and plans to sell some of the awards he has won in his impressive career. But he’s apparently having trouble locating some of them. Not just one, but TWO Aussie Open trophies. A trio of Wimbledon awards. An Olympic gold medal. And a few others.

Wimbledon trophies

Fun fact: The Wimbledon Gentlemen’s trophy and Ladies’ award (the Venus Rosewater Dish) remain at the All England Lawn Tennis Club after the award ceremony. The winners take home a smaller replica to keep. Or to sell, if circumstances warrant.

It might make sense that he misplaced his first Wimbledon trophy, since he was only 17 when he won it. Can you remember where your high school sophomore spelling bee runner up plaque is?

All kidding aside, hobbyDB offers a great way to track your collection for a variety of reasons.

Locator guide: Not just for items in storage, but it’s easy to misplace something in a large collection on display. On hobbyDB, you can add a note regarding where that item can be found.

Variant and condition notes: You know you have a pink Hot Wheels Beach Bomb, but is it mint on the card, or lightly played with? Or is that the red one you’re thinking of?

Insurance purposes: It’s useful to have proof not only of what you have and where it is, but also what it’s worth.

Estate planning: We hate to say this, but someone else might inherit your collection some day, and hobbyDB is an orderly way to give them a clue to what’s there. Whether they want to keep it, sell it, or donate it, they will be glad to have this information at their fingertips.

hobbydb add to collection

When you add an item to the database, you can also add it to your collection.

The process is simple, really. When you add an item to the hobbyDB database, take a moment to also click the “Add to Collection” button. There, you will be able to quickly create notes on the condition (for the item and the packaging), the price you paid, how you acquired it, and where it’s located. You can also add photos of your own item. Finally, you can choose whether to keep all of this information private or make it public. Of course, you can do this with items that are already in the database as well.

hobbydb add to collection

You can add notes on how you got it, including “Won in Competition.”

We sincerely hope Mr. Becker locates his trophies and gets back on his feet soon. Congratulations to Roger Federer, who just added another Australian Open trophy to his collection, and to Caroline Wozniacki, who just picked up her first. No matter how many you have, it’s not too late to track your awards collection on hobbyDB.

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