Selling is More Flexible Than Ever – Introducing Best Offer

Now there are even more ways to buy and sell your items on hobbyDB and all hobbyDB powered marketplaces! Introducing Best Offer – here’s how it works.

If you’re a Seller – invite customers to negotiate with you.

To invite best offers on a listing –

  1. Go to the listing form
  2. You’ll see three different selling options –
    • Buy it Now – Offer your item at a fixed price
    • Buy it Now & Best Offer – Offer your item at a fixed price and let buyers make offers
    • Best Offer Only – Let buyers make offers for your item without setting a price
  3. If you would like to let buyers make offers, select either “Buy it Now & Best Offer, or Best Offer Only. Buyers will then see the ability to Make an Offer on your listing.
  4. If a potential buyer makes an offer, you’ll receive an email notification.
  5. The email notification will direct you to your seller dashboard where you can either Accept or Decline the offer. If you accept, the buyer will be notified and will be prompted to pay for the item. You’ll get a notification of the sale as soon as the buyer pays for the item. Please ship upon receiving the order confirmation. If you decline the offer, the buyer will have a chance to make a higher offer if they’re still interested.

If you’re a Buyer – try your luck at getting the item of your dreams.

To make an offer on an item –

  1. Make sure that the seller does, indeed, accept offers. If they do, you’ll be able to click the “Make Offer” button on the listing.
  2. Once you click the Make Offer button, you’ll be taken to an offer form. From there, you’ll be able to enter in an offer.
  3. Once you submit your offer, the seller will receive an email notification. They can then decide to accept or decline your offer.
  4. If they accept your offer, you’ll be sent a notification email that will prompt you to pay for the item. Make sure you pay for the item quickly, so as not to lose out on your deal. You will also be able to see accepted offers on your buyer dashboard like so –
  5. Once you pay for the item, the seller will get a notification and will promptly ship your item within their shipping timeframe.

If you have any trouble with this feature, always feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to help.

Are you interested in selling on the hobbyDB marketplace? Get in touch.

Like the Beatles 5-car Premium Set? Check out the listing!

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Lloyd B. Thompson
Lloyd B. Thompson
6 years ago

What a novel idea> I have been collecting Hot Wheels, JADA, Johnny Lightning and some oddball manf’s for 15-20+ years. The collection scale ranges from 1:64th, 1:24th and a few larger scale die cast. The majority are focused around my passion for VW’s. With the make an offer marketing, how do I assign a reasonable dollar price. I have near 1500 new in package and several hundred without packaging. Please advise, I will be using your new marketing service. I can photograph the collection. Where should I start: scale small to large; manfacturer age? I have limited time to ponder pricing and would appreciate your feedback..
Thank You in Advance,
Lloyd Thompson

6 years ago

Hi Lloyd, good to hear from you and we have send you a separate email as a reply.

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