With Wacky Wobblers Galore, Wild Berk’s Collection is the Latest to Join hobbyDB

wold berksWild Berk’s Collection is the latest storefront to pop up on hobbyDB, and it’s evolving fast, with new items being added every day!

Berk Ziegler comes from a history of collectibles. His father ran one of the most eclectic shops this side of Mars, spanning the gamut from vintage advertising memorabilia to old arcade attractions to modern but ironic fare like bobble-heads, Wacky Wobblers, and other fun stuff. 

Located on the fringes of Middleton Connecticut, Wild Bill’s shop is hard to explain. Well, look at some of the photos to get a sense. Full of one of a kind, odd, unique treasures, one could shop there every few weeks and discover something crazy and new. 

wild bills connecticut elvis

One of the more easily classified sections of Wild Bill’s Nostalgia…

Bitten by the collecting bug, Berk and his wife Katie have run the online “Fresh Prints of CT” shop for more than seven years. The shop features art prints of cool stuff like the designs from Lego’s patent filing for the first poseable Minifig. “Our philosophy is to honor self-expression in all its forms,” he said. “Each item or design you see has been carefully selected from the portfolios and studios of our artists to provide you access to the unique, creative and often quirky pieces.”

Lego patent prints

Berk also is a long time collector of Funko products, many of which he will be offering at his shop, Wild Berk’s Collection on hobbyDB. Along with the new items, Wild Berk’s will feature a lot of vintage vinyl toys (remember, Funko has been around for 20 years now!) He has quite a few of the older Wacky Wobblers in stock including. the original G.I.Joe Destro, Funny Face Choo Choo Cherry,  and the Rice Krispies gang.
Along with opening shop, the Ziegler family is very excited to be involved with likeminded collectors. “We would love to re-connect to the Funko community. We are open for sharing stories and creating a space for other people who love Funko. And we’re accepting offers for wholesale buyers who want to buy in bulk.”
wild bills connecticut

The storefront at Wild Bill’s is hard to miss.

We’re sad to report that Bill passed away recently, leaving the physical store and its monumental inventory behind. As well as a lot of great memories. Growing up with Wild Bill was certainly WILD,”  said Berk. “The store was like a second home. I learned early on to how to appreciate different types of people and their treasures. Because that’s what they are and how it feels when you open something that holds a special place it your heart. It’s much more than ‘stuff,’ and each item evokes a feeling.”

When Berk has finished documenting the contents of his father’s store on hobbyDB, we’ll bring you that history as well. Y0u’ll enjoy visiting it as much as he will.

wild bills connecticut

Seriously, we will explain all of this in the near future!

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