Remembering A Pop Icon: Marilyn Monroe’s Make-up Kit

June 1st marked the 92nd birthday anniversary of the blonde-bombshell, Marilyn Monroe. The scandalous beauty was an actress, model, and singer, who later became a memorable sex symbol in the ’50s-’60s. Her story was rather tragic, but she was loved by all who met her. Although she passed in 1962, Marilyn’s legacy still lives on today, which is why so many of her personal items were sold at such a high cost. What would you pay to own a piece of Monroe history?

Marilyn Monroe’s make-up kit reportedly sold for over $265,000 by Christie’s Auction House as early as 1999. The case included a collection of her favorite cosmetic brands such as Erno Lazio, Elizabeth Arden, Max Factor, and Leichner of London. Other various items found inside were multiple restaurant matchboxes, along with a bottle of smelling salts. We would love to know where it is today!

To get her signature look, Marilyn used red lip liner along with five coats of Guerlain Rouge Diabolique lipstick. Unfortunately, for fans looking to replicate Monroe’s exact look, Guerlain Rouge Diabolique is no longer on the shelf, which makes this particular cosmetic that much more lucrative.

It’s safe to say that even after such a short-lived life, Marilyn Monroe was one of the most interesting icons in Hollywood’s history. From her acting career to her overall glamorized lifestyle, Marilyn’s memory will live on forever in the hundreds of collectibles produced.  If you have some please add them to hobbyDB!

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