Entertainment Earth, Wonder Woman Debut Wittles Line

Entertainment Earth is taking a journey back in time with its new line of Wittles dolls.

Wonder Woman highlights the collection’s premier with a 2018 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive dedicated to the Justice League superhero.

The dolls are carefully crafted in the style of vintage Kokeshi figures. The Japanese-inspired wooden models are renowned for their simple design and limbless bodies.

Entertainment Earth’s non-articulated Kokeshi versions of the Kokeshi showcase brightly colored, 360-degree artwork and stand roughly four inches tall.

The Wonder Woman Metallic Wittles Wooden Doll – Convention Exclusive collection is limited to 1,504 pieces with each doll featuring a holographic sticker.

The Amazon Warrior Princess will be joined at the 2018 SDCC by a Wittles version of Squirrel Girl.

The San Diego Comic Con takes place between July 19 and 22, but you can preorder yours via Entertainment Earth today.

Preorder Wonder Woman Here


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