The Hard Rock Pin Catalog is coming to hobbyDB! – That’s 70,000 Pins!

Calling all Hard Rock Pin Collectors!

Discover the new home for the Hard Rock Pin Catalog at hobbyDB

Hard Rock Pin Catalog


One of the most extensive collections out there, the Hard Rock Pin Catalog contains more than 70,000 pins from around the globe and has been in existence since 2001. Inside the catalog you’ll find a full historic assortment of collectibles from Hard Rock. Currently, the catalog focuses solely on collectible pins which are a trademark collectible for Hard Rock. However, we plan to add many more families of collectibles to the catalog. Stay tuned!

Info about the catalog and those that maintain it.

The catalog is maintained by Pin Masters, an amazing group of volunteers who are each assigned a Hard Rock global location. Overseeing the Pin Masters are a group of collectors that make up the Pin Master Advisory Board. This group ensures new locations, pin groups, catalog entry standards, and other information about the pins and catalog are conveyed to the Pin Master membership so they can assure the catalog’s accuracy. As new Hard Rock locations open around the globe, the Pin Master Advisory Board searches for new Pin Masters to oversee that portion of the catalog.

The catalog itself will live within the hobbyDB collectibles database. As many of you know, it’s our mission to preserve databases and provide free, accurate information to everyone. Adding the Hard Rock Pin Catalog to the database is our perfect way to continue to achieve this mission and preserve this information for pin collectors all across the world.

Welcome to the Family Hard Rock Pin Collectors!

Whether you’re a novice collector or well on your way to becoming a Pin Master, your Pin Locker is safe in our hands. And then some. We’re working closely with Pin Masters to provide an even more comprehensive catalog with new features and options that are free to use.

Among them is a simple, three-step process to transfer your collection fully intact from the Hard Rock website. All you have to do is –

  1. Export your Pin Locker as CSV file
  2. Create a free account on hobbyDB
  3. Email your Pin Locker CSV file and hobbyDB username to

The Hard Rock Pin Catalog on hobbyDB also allows you to boost the look of your pins with the ability to add extra photos. For example, now you can feature those different pin back designs.

Does your Hard Rock collection extend beyond pins? The hobbyDB catalog affords its users the opportunity to add all their cherished Hard Rock items, such as shot glasses, magnets and hoodie bears. You can learn more about adding to the hobbyDB catalog here.

Next Steps

  1. We are finalizing the taxonomy with the Pin Masters over the weekend
  2. We will add the entire pin catalog to hobbyDB as soon as possible (hopefully within the next 10 days)
  3. We will upload all received user Pin Lockers as soon as the entire catalog has been added
  4. We will keep you updated through the entire process

If you have any questions, find more info here or feel free to reach out to our team at any time by clicking that little green support button on the righthand side of your screen.

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