Diecast Powerhouse Anita Smith Joins The Toy Peddler / hobbyDB Team

Anita Smith of Chickluu’s Fabulous Redlines joins The Toy Peddler Team!
We’re bringing an all new diecast powerhouse to The Toy Peddler
Welcome Anita Smith of Chickluu’s Fabulous Redlines.

Many of you already know Anita as she is the face and creator of Chickluu’s Fabulous Redlines, a passionate online community for Redline collectors. And with more than 1K models in her personal collection, she knows what people like and need when buying/selling diecast.

Anita started collecting when she was 6 years old she had a brother that refused to let her mom buy her only Barbies. She grew up and out of toys, only to discover her childhood cars again on her parents’ farm later in life. She was instantly hooked again, and for the past 20+ years has been a passionate collector. Anita was inducted to the Model Car Hall of Fame in 2013.

A huge supporter of The Toy Peddler since the beginning, Anita has seen how the platform has grown over the past 20 years. With more than 1 million sales to date and thousands of passionate buyers and sellers, she knows how valuable the site has been for the diecast community.

Throughout the past few months, we’ve been working on ways to make The Toy Peddler better, and in doing so decided that Anita would be the perfect person to bring on to the team. Anita will be taking over all operational aspects of The Toy Peddler and plans to add fresh perspective and direction to its future. She’ll be putting a ton of time into The Toy Peddler Facebook page, posting interesting articles, videos, and promoting items listed for sale, so make sure you go like it!

“I remember when The Toy Peddler was just starting out. It felt like a safe and welcoming community that was another home for collectors like me. Paul (the Founder) always made sure that buyers felt comfortable buying on the site and if he caught anyone taking advantage, he would immediately take care of it. It’s my mission to make sure The Toy Peddler continues to have that level of comfort and trust among the community.”

There are lots of positive improvements Anita plans to bring to The Toy Peddler such as category clean-up, the addition of under and over $25 categories for Redlines, active Facebook page management and one on one customer support.

Projected for the very near future: Anita’s long time knowledge of the hobby and concern for those in the hobby—doubled with hobbyDB’s latest technology—will provide a new and SAFE Diecast market. New ideas considered beneficial to the site/community will be passed to the Diecast community first for consultation.

Have any specific feedback you’d like to share? Send it our way. We’ll also be attending Super Toy Con in Las Vegas at the end of February. Stop by and say hi if you’ll be there!

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