The Letter that was smuggled to the Moon and back – but did not sell

An auction of this letter just failed to reach its minimum of 22,000 Euro (almost $25,000).  The astronauts of Apollo 15 Davis Scott, Alfred Worden and James Irwin took 100 letters to the moon and back and then sold them to a dealer in Germany. The whole matter was not authorized and created a scandal.  The FBI visited the stamp dealer in Germany and the 3 astronauts were barred from flying again. We know where one of the letters is, but where are the other 99 and how much do you think these are worth?

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5 years ago

How did they get it back on Earth? Apollo-15 was fished out of the ocean. Quite amazing!

Also, the choice of stamp is a little off, as Apollo-11 came before them!

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