Best Hot Wheels Models Currently on the Market

Known as the KING of castings in the Redline world, the mega rare Rose Rear Load Beach Bomb has been spotted on The Toy Peddler. A part of the Bruce Pascal Collection, the rare model is in excellent condition and includes an original patent document. It’s finally time for one lucky collector to join the exclusive “club” of owners of this most desirable at talked about Hot Wheels models. As these items are usually traded in within Redline circles, they rarely come up for sale, so don’t miss your chance to add this incredible item to your collection (you might still find the model here).

The Best Hot Wheels model on the market that money can buy

The story behind this extremely rare Beach Bomb

Flashback to 1969 when, according to research notes, the body of the Beach Bomb was first made. As it was prepared for production at a California plant, the Mattel team discovered that the bus was too narrow to be “engaged” by the foam rubber wheels of the new “Supercharger” accessory.

This first version of Beach Bomb did not work with the Super-Charger

Not only that, but the narrow width and high center of gravity of the car made it unstable on the orange track and it easily “wiped out”! From the perspective of the Marketing department, these characteristics were fatal flaws as the Super Charger was to be a very important part of the 1969 product line and the centerpiece of many new track sets. Since all new castings had to work with the Super-Charger, Mattel engineers made a decision to halt production after only a single shift of production.

As no Rear Load Beach Bomb was released to the public, only the original sample and test pieces in the Mattel offices could have survived. According to extensive research conducted by a well-known collector, only 41 examples of the true Rear Loading Beach Bomb remain.

An absolutely beautiful color, rose, is one of the rarest of the known colors. This model is part of the Bruce Pascal Collection. A famous collector in his own right, Bruce Pascal also owns the most valuable Redline of them all, the pink, rear loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb, which has been said to be worth significantly in excess of $100,000. Bruce was recognized for his incredible contributions to the diecast community in 2009 when he was inducted into the Model Car Hall of Fame.

Bruce also wrote the well-known Hot Wheels Prototypes book with fellow
Model Car Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Zarnock.


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