Showcase your Collection in your own Digital Gallery

Behind the scenes at hobbyDB, we’ve been working tirelessly on a new and improved way to show off and manage everything related to your collection. Whether it be sharing your wish list with a fellow collector, showcasing your most prized items to your community, or highlighting some items you’re ready to let go of, we think you should have one profile that beautifully captures it all.

We’re excited to say that this is one of the most exciting features that we’ve ever worked on, so without further ado, please find some test mock-ups below.

New features you can explore –

Personalize your entire collection page

(1) Add a personalized header, favicon (the little icon that shows in the tab section), and sharing logo (shown if somebody shares your collection on Social Media

(2) Add intro text, which will lead to a page with more information about you and your collection and will feature a gallery (if you want to show overall images of your collection)

Customize your display

(3) Take advantage of new privacy settings, so you can decide what you want to show the public and what you’d like to keep to yourself, including estimated values

(4) Create your own categories and lists, some which can be dynamically generated (like the Top 10 by Value, My Disney Princesses, etc)

(5) Feature different items on your home page and in general only show what you want to show as you can make duplicates and other items in your collection private)

(6) Flip in between many different profile views including showing your collection, items for trade, items that you’re ready to part with, and your wishlist

Securely buy and Sell straight from your profile to another

Looking to add to your collection? Easily see what other community members are willing to part with on their profiles. If you’re looking to make a little extra cash, offer your items for sale directly from your collection (including items marked for Best Offer, but have no price).

All of your items and these features will be easily customizable in a behind the scenes portal.

You can even buy your own URL and direct it to your collection, here for example  –


Lastly, if you are using hobbyDB on one of our many partner sites, you will be able to manage your collection there as well –

These mockups are just the beginning, so we would love to hear your comments, either here or by contacting us through the green support button on the right of this page. How would you like to show your collection to the world?

10 comments to “Showcase your Collection in your own Digital Gallery”

  1. How do I set up my collection within this new feature?  I would like to do it by casting starting with Corvettes.

    • Joschik says:

      I have added you to the list of folks to try this new feature when we are ready and will be in touch (probably End of May).

  2. Thank you, very much appreciated.

  3. David Henkel says:

    I would like to explore this platform with a goal of sharing a “list” (and photo’s) that may not exist anywhere else with other collectors that share the same interest.  For example, I am unaware of a list of Hot Wheels Short Cards that have been released over the years.  Perhaps this platform could be utilized to share and update a list, specific by make and model, for collectors to use as a reference and add to as more short cards are discovered and released.  This could lead to trades and sales of “shorties” among those that collect these items.

    • Joschik says:

      You will definitely be able to create a list of items that you want and share that. You will then definitely be able to buy them. Re trading we are considering ideas but have not yet worked out how those would work in practice.

  4. David A Henkel says:

    Just to clarify, the list I am proposing is not necessarily a Want List, but more of an informative list that inventories all possibilities/variations that have been manufactured.  Make it interactive so interested users/collectors can add to it (similar to a wiki-style page) when new variations are discovered.  I’m not aware of an existing definitive list of Hot Wheels Short Cards, but I’m certain I’m not the only collector that wishes there was one with descriptions & pictures that allow for zooming in/out.

  5. David A Henkel says:

    Oh my gosh.  This is awesome!  Will this database be 1:64 only, or will it also include 1:43 for example?  When it comes to makes and models, would a collector be able to (for example) go to the database page covering all variations of the model “Ferrari Enzo”, and then have a link to a list of ALL short cards by make “Ferrari”?  This tool you are putting together will be amazing.  Thank you!

  6. David A Henkel says:

    And thank you for taking pictures of the carded versions, not loose.  For those of us that collect card variations, this will be a very valuable tool.  May I recommend you also photograph the rear of the cards?  Older Hot Wheels in particular have a variety of card backs on the same make/model of cars.

    • Joschik says:

      Each variation will have its own gallery and main image (which we recommend a good image of the key differentiator for this variant). If you are interested in helping out making this happen send me a message.

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