Now every Blog, Brand, Club, Forum and Licensor can have their own Archive

As collectors, we all have our favorite sites where we can connect with other like-minded people, show off our grails, and stay in the know. But, what’s usually missing from our favorite sites is a centralized place where we can easily look up info about our favorite items.

Enter the Customized Database – powered by hobbyDB.

Now any Blog, Brand, Club, Forum and Licensor can have their own Archive. The archive will
feature  –

  • Only your items  –
    • A brand
    • A type of collectibles like action figures or corkscrews
    • Any other set of items such as model cars in 1:18 Scale or items designed by a certain designer
  • Your own logo, banner, favicon, social media sharing logo, background colors etc

Here another example  –

How does it work?

  • Just contact us and we will create the customized database for you
  • All you have to do is add a link to your site menu (and you can remove it by just removing the link)
  • Log-in is through the hobbyDB Passport, the common log-in for all hobbyDB powered sites

As your community starts to play around with the database, you will also be able to  –

  • Add a Marketplace and allow your users to sell items in it
  • Give the ability for your users to add information to the site (and it gets updated by information added on other hobbyDB sites)


Once logged in, your users can then research items, find price information, create a wishlist and manage their collections.  In fact, they will be able to display those collections on their own personalized galleries on your website!

Here a mock-up example of our new Personal Virtual Gallery on a Funko site (Pop Price Guide)   –

More on this on an earlier article

Ready to create your customized database? Contact us by clicking the green contact button on the right-hand side of the page.

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