GeePeeKay and hobbyDB Team Up for Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive

GPK Teaser

As hard as it is to keep a straight face while uttering the names Wrinkled Rita, Bad Breath Seth or Adam Bomb, we have to say that our latest collaboration with GeePeeKay is no laughing matter.

Garbage Pail Kids Exclusive

GeePeeKay and hobbyDB have teamed together to offer a piece of Garbage Pail Kids nostalgia.

Joining us in smiling from ear-to-ear, however, is permissible as we introduce the latest collaboration between hobbyDB and GeePeeKay. Later this week we’ll unveil a new Garbage Pail Kids item that will be available exclusively via the hobbyDB and the GeePeeKay marketplaces.

Although we would have loved to offer a statue, as originally planned, a cost explosion of Adam Bomb proportions would have run up the retail cost of the collectible to somewhere between $400 and $500. We haven’t given up on the idea, but we’re equally, if not more, excited to offer the opportunity to own a unique piece of Garbage Pail Kids’ nostalgia.

The new collectible is part of a partnership to provide the complete Garbage Pail Kids experience. Look for new collection management tools and upgrades, including personalized collection pages and customized displays, as well as a GPK-focused marketplace. All of which will be centered around a complete database of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards and merchandise.

The big reveal will happen at 8 a.m. MT on Wednesday, April 17! Stay tuned to the GeePeeKay Facebook page as well as the hobbyDB Facebook page to see what’s in store!

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