The Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars Cost More Than the Real Thing

most expensive hot wheels

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If you’ve ever wanted to buy a vintage VW Microbus, do we have a deal for you. All original, including the paint and tires, and it even comes with surfboards. It’s a bit pricy at $45,000, but you’ll likely never have another chance to own one like this. Did we mention it’s a Hot Wheels vehicle?

In the world of toy collecting, there’s the rare and expensive and the just about nonexistent and jaw-droppingly valuable. In these cases, we’re not looking at mythical, unattainable asking prices (looking at you, world of Beanie Babies!). Instead, these are documented cases of real items actually selling for true prices. In some cases, the item may be the only one in existence, but in others, it’s just a very rare version for some reason.

pink beach bombHot Wheels; The aforementioned VW is of course, the “rear-loading” Beach Bomb, an original model that went back to the drawing board to make it more compatible with various accessories. Only a handful of the narrow-bodied originals ever made it to the public, with this pink one being the cream of the crop most recently selling for a reported $45,000.

hot wheels custom ottoThere’s an even rarer Hot Wheels car, the Custom Otto. The car was designed to mimic the generic blue car that graced the blister cards of the earliest redlines, but had never been produced as a model. In honor of Otto Kuhni, the artist who created that illustration, Hot Wheels made exactly one of this car, encrusted in Swarovski diamonds. It was sold for a reported $140,000!

In a kind gesture to collectors, Mattel has since released versions of both the Beach Bomb and the Custom Otto in more affordable versions. They haven’t hit the mainline pegs yet, but are in range of most enthusiasts of the brand.

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