GeePeeKay and hobbyDB Introduce: Adam Bomb Limited Edition “Art by John Pound” Sticker Card – Week 2

Garbage Pail Kids

Welcome to Week 2 of the Limited Edition “Art by John Pound” Sticker Card Collection presented by GeePeeKay and hobbyDB.

Last week we debuted our officially-licensed Adam Bomb sticker card featuring a classic white border. Now we’re proud to introduce the second variant in the collection, Adam Bomb with a Bruised border.

The dark blue exclusive card comes with a rarity of just 400 produced and are individually numbered on the back.

The exclusive card is part of a collaboration between GeePeeKay and hobbyDB to celebrate the creation of our Garbage Pail Kids archive and marketplace. So to earn the unique piece of Garbage Pail Kids nostalgia, we’re going to ask for your help in building a bigger and better database – in the form of fun weekly tasks.

Week 2 Task: Jump on the GeePeeKay Database Wagon!

Now that you’ve created an account, let’s start filling in your profile with the things you love. To be eligible for the Adam Bomb bruised border card, we’re asking you to add 10 items to your wishlist powered by hobbyDB. 


Simply click the “+Wishlist” button to add to your collection!

The process is as fun as it is simple and the best part is, the items you select don’t have to be GPK related. Peruse the hobbyDB website for your favorite characters and brands, such as Funko, Hot Wheels and Topps, as well as thousands of other collectibles from throughout the world.

When you find that must-have item, simply click the “+Wishlist” button located to the right of the item image. Add 10 items to your Wishlist and you’ll unlock the ability to purchase the Adam Bomb bruised border sticker card.

Remember, you must complete our first task to become eligible for the second card. See below for further instructions. Cards are limited to one per user.

Make sure to check back on Wednesday for the next card and task.

How Everything Works

GeePeeKayGeePeeKayWe’re gamifying the Garbage Pail Kids experience. To craft the most complete Garbage Pail Kids’ archive, we’re asking for your help and feedback about our features. In short, we’re going to ask you to be more of a Handy Andy than a Lazy Louie in order to obtain this exclusive set.

The six-card set will be available by unlocking levels pertaining to the Garbage Pail Kids database. Each Wednesday we’ll offer an opportunity to buy the next card in the series, along with another task to obtain it. As the challenges rise, so, too, does the rarity of the cards.

Cards are limited to one per user and sold via the GeePeeKay and hobbyDB marketplaces. Please note, to be fair to all collectors we will refund purchases of multiple cards. Cards will ship upon completion of each task.

Late to the game? Do not fear. You can make up weekly tasks provided cards remain.

The Cards

Introducing the Adam Bomb Limited Edition “Art by John Pound” Sticker card. The officially licensed collection comes in six variants, ranging in rarity from 1,000 to 50 produced.

The back of the cards, with the exception of the white bordered cards, are individually numbered. The reverse side also details the history of the idea sketches that led to Adam Bomb becoming the face of Garbage Pail Kids.

GeePeeKay & hobbyDB

GeePeeKay and hobbyDB have paired up, like Split Kit and Mixed-Up Mitch, to offer a unique piece of Garbage Pail Kids nostalgia.

Powered by collectors throughout the world, collectible ecosystem hobbyDB has partnered with GeePeeKay to create a complete Garbage Pail Kids archive! Centered around a detailed database of trading cards and merchandise, the archive aspires to be the most complete record of all GPK memorabilia.

The Archive

We’re working with GeePeeKay’s Matt Oldweiler and avid collector Andy Goodman, as well as other GPK specialists to create a database that includes every Garbage Pail Kids sticker card created by Topps.

The new archive will be home to stylish collection management and wishlist features, as well as a marketplace. In addition, we’ll be adding price values for cards to better maximize your collection.

Adam Bomb Limited Edition “Art by John Pound” Sticker Card

Ready to roll up your sleeves?

GeePeeKayWeek 2 – April 24

Bruised (400 produced)

Level 2: Jump on the hobbyDB Bandwagon

Price: $8.99

Task: Add 10 items to your hobbyDB wishlist

The Skinny: Now that you’re part of the GeePeeKay community powered by hobbyDB, it’s time to start daydreaming. To be eligible for the next GPK card, we’re asking you to peruse the site and add 10 items to your wishlist. Best part is, they don’t even have to be GPK related. Search our extensive database of Garbage Pail Kids, as well as Funko, Hot Wheels and much, much more. When you find your favorite characters or brands, simply click the “+Wishlist” button. Happy hunting!


Week 1 – April 17

GeePeeKayWhite Card (1,000 produced) 

Level 1: Welcome to the GeePeeKay Customized Database!

Price: $7.99

Task: Register for a hobbyDB account on the GeePeeKay Customized Database

The Skinny: Welcome to the GeePeeKay customized database powered by hobbyDB! Let’s get you started by setting up a user profile with us. Create an account at and you’ll earn the first card in the set, which offers a classic white border look.

Check back at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, May 1, to view the next card and task. Thank you for your help. Contact us by clicking the green “Contact Us” button on the right hand side of your screen with any questions or concerns.

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5 years ago

After adding 10 items, how do I get the card?


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