And The Winner Is….Michael McMahan With His Epic Hiway Haulers!!!!

Rare Hot Wheels Hiway Haulers

CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHAEL MCMAHAN – the first winner of the hobbyDB / The Toy Peddler photo of the month.

The Hiway Hauler is Michael McMahan’s favorite casting and he has been collecting them specifically for 15 years. The 700th million piece was actually bought on The Toy Peddler! The Bobs BigBoy Hauler was purchased from a known collection in California, and was originally from the Faulkner collection.

Not very many of these two Haulers were made and are highly counterfeited. When Michael was at the Nationals show in Dallas, he had designer Bob Rosas look at the 700th million piece, and he verified it as real and signed the top of the cab.

The Bob’s Big Boy Hauler was a HW NEWSLETTER promotional car and the promo was cancelled. The HW fan club already ordered 45 trucks, so Mattel had to honor those that had already sent in their money. The 700th million Hauler was given to employees at Mattel. Employees received a white one, and designers received the chrome version that Michael is still hunting down!

Michael also collects the GMC Motorhome, Steering Rigs, Big Rigger and Truck Co’s.

We want to say a huge congratulations to Michael! And a big thank you to everyone who submitted a pic to the hobbyDB / TTP TOP PIC PICK. If you entered the contest and were not chosen, there will always be another month, so please re-submit your favorite pic of YOUR favorite diecast car, taken by YOU!

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