GeePeeKay and hobbyDB Hock up a Winner with Week 4 of the “Art by John Pound Collection”


Welcome to Week 4 of the Limited Edition “Art by John Pound” Sticker Card Collection presented by GeePeeKay and powered by hobbyDB.

We’ve hocked up a winner for you this week as we proudly introduce the Adam Bomb Phlegm Border Sticker Card. The exclusive card with its dynamic yellow border comes with a rarity of just 200 made.

This is the fourth color variant in the set, following the Classic White, Bruised (Dark Blue) and Bloody Nose Red border cards from weeks 1 through 3, respectively.

To earn the unique piece of Garbage Pail Kids nostalgia, we’re going to ask for your help in building a bigger and better database – in the form of fun weekly tasks to unlock the chance to purchase the officially-licensed version of Adam Bomb.

The collection is part of a collaboration between GeePeeKay and hobbyDB to celebrate the creation of our Garbage Pail Kids archive and marketplace.

GET THAT CARD! Week 4 Task: Take a Break

The best way to deal with nasty ole phlegm is to get some rest. So we’re giving you the week off from tasks.


GeePeeKayTake a moment to review your collection, making sure it looks in tip-top shape. You can customize your collection using our specialized features to mark your favorite items as public, private or trade, in addition to managing your transfers and advanced searching capabilities.

When you’re happy with the way your collection looks, you’re eligible to purchase the card for $10.99.

Remember, you must complete the first three tasks to become eligible for the Phlegm Border Card. See below for further instructions. Cards are limited to one per user. Additionally purchased cards will be refunded.

Make sure to check back on Wednesday for the next card and task.

How everything works

The six-card set will be available by unlocking levels pertaining to the Garbage Pail Kids database. The officially licensed collection comes in six variants, ranging in rarity from 1,000 to 50 produced. The back of the cards, with the exception of the white bordered cards, are individually numbered. Each Wednesday we’ll offer an opportunity to buy the next card in the series, along with another task to obtain it. As the challenges rise, so, too, does the rarity of the cards.

Cards are limited to one per user and sold via the GeePeeKay and hobbyDB marketplaces. Please note, to be fair to all collectors we will refund purchases of multiple cards. Cards will ship upon completion of each task.


You’re halfway there! Join Tired Tom this week and take a break.

Late to the game? Do not fear. You can make up weekly tasks provided cards remain. Find out how to here.

About the Archive

Our official Garbage Pail Kids archive is growing by the day. In addition to all base sets, we’re cataloging every variation of Garbage Pail Kids sticker cards, including different colored borders and languages. We believe this will allow all levels of GPK enthusiasts to accurately sync their collections.

Those variations will include all legitimate card changes — such as the controversial “Schizo Fran – Fran Fran” Original Series 2 card — and all error cards, think Original Series 9 #355b Semi Colin (no number), for example.

But the catalog goes further than just the sticker cards. Among the many items you’ll find in the archive are Final Artwork renderings of Adam Bomb and an assortment of other Garbage Pail Kids characters before they were immortalized in card form. The prints stand 5 x 7 feet and were created by original artists such as John Pound and David Gross using acrylic and airbrushed paint.

Adam Bomb – Phlegm Border

GeePeeKayWeek 4 – May 8

Phlegm (200 produced)

Level 4: Track your collection with hobbyDB

Price: $10.99

Task: Take a break!

The Skinny: You’re doing great. As a reward, we want you to sit back and bask in the glory of your new GeePeeKay collection powered by hobbyDB. Take this week to check out your profile, which will soon include the Phlegm bordered card.

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