The Holy Grail of Production Hot Wheels Redlines! The Purple 442!

When was the last time a PURPLE OLDS 442 REDLINE was available to the public?  Most of these pieces are traded within the tight high-end Redline community, and rarely are seen for sale on any public sales site.

The 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 (W30)

The REAL Oldsmobile 442 was produced by Oldsmobile between the 1964 and 1980 model years but 1970 was the pinnacle of performance from Oldsmobile. The Olds 455 cubic inch V8 was the standard 4-4-2 engine, yielding 370 hp with the W30 option. The W-30 option added a fiberglass hood, functional air scoops and other performance enhancements.

The Olds 442 is a very popular car due to its low production numbers and the quality of the modeling.
It features an opening hood, a plastic spoiler and it came with a sticker sheet that was owner applied. Almost any good condition 442 has value. The rarest color, purple, of which only a few are known, is one of the most valuable of all production cars.

A number of preproduction samples of the Olds 442 have survived from the early days of Hot Wheels production. Red with dark interior is believed to be preproduction. It is suspected that as many as 144 examples were made of which about 25 are known.*

*information courtesy ORG

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