Hot Wheels Redline (FEP) Test 1969 Classic Woody – Own a Piece of Hot Wheels History!


Hot Wheels Redline (FEP) Test CLASSIC WOODY Unspun Unpainted Unstaked


This car is a genuine original 1969 Mattel Hot Wheels ’31 Ford Classic Woody “Final Engineering Pilot” Test car and verified by a very well-known ex-Mattel Hot Wheels employee. They called them FEP cars. This car has a Unspun rear body post, Unspun engine post, Unpainted body and Unstaked base, axles came with small front wheels and medium rear wheels, the testing process of body, interior, engine, base and axles were the main focus of fit, although the end decision was medium front wheels and large rear wheels as we know the production run of this car to be. This is the way the car was acquired many years ago. The wheels were never switched or tampered with, everything is how it was back then and the car can be assembled or taken apart.

This amazing piece of Hot Wheels History is for sale in hobbyDB / The Toy Peddler VAULT


















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