Rare 1968 Over Chrome Hot Wheels Redlines

“THE” holy grails, the Crown Jewels of the Redline era hobby, these are the infamous Original ‘68 OVER CHROMES.

These cars rarely ever get offered for sale publicly, and if so, usually are traded within private Redline circles. These are by far the most sought after Redlines of all time. There are less of these known than Rear Load Beach Bombs. Any one of these Over Chrome’s are also more rare than blue Deora’s, purple 442’s and hot pink Beatnik Bandits. Here is, what might prove to be, your once in a lifetime opportunity to add one of these incredible gems to your collection.

There are 31 known Over Chrome Original ‘68 cars. Spanning 8 castings in different colours. These painted over chrome’s shine incredibly in hand and are a truly remarkable center piece to any collection.  These cars are believed to have been used primarily for commercials photo shoots. These cars had to have a special finish to “pop” in photography or commercials .A large group of them came from a Mattel Photographer who primarily shot the Hot Wheels TV commercials. They also sport as specially created wheels, unique to the Over Chrome commercial cars.

These are not the later chrome Club Kit Cars that were leftover product painted and sold in toy stores.

They are not Salesmen samples, there are too few.

These are being listed on hobbyDB, so keep an eye out, and maybe end up with a true piece of Hot Wheel History!










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