Vintage Hot Wheels Carry Cases

1968 Carrying Cases

The introduction of Hot Wheels in 1968 was accompanied by a variety of carrying case options for the new collector.

Rally Case

The 12 Car Rally Case

The most common and dreaded case, the “Wheel Case” famous for its ability to mangle mint condition cars into beaters!

Inside of the Rally Case

The interior features as graphic showing twelve of the 16 cars released in 1968. This case initially came in a 12 car capacity and later in a 24 car capacity.


24 Car Collector’s Log Case



24 Car Collector’s Log Case (5138)

Another option was the 24 car “Log” case. The graphics on this care are identical, front and rear.

24 Car Collector’s Log Case

The compartment sizes were fixed in this case which did not do so well for the longer cars.
The plastic curtains were provided to prevent the cars from bowing the cover and falling out.

24 Car Collector’s Log Case

Collectors recorded their acquisitions on the inside of the cover.

12 Car Pop Up Grandstand Case

12 Car Pop Up Grandstand Case

This case is feature by itself as part of the Pop Up Playsets.
Click here to see it open.



1969 Carrying Cases

1969 saw the addition of the adjustable carrying cases. These remained available for a couple of years.
A 24 car version of the Rally Case (wheel shaped case) was also released that year.

Adjustable Flat Cases

All three cases have adjustable compartment sizes to accommodate different lengths of the cars.

12 Car Case

24 Car Case

48 Car Case


1970 Carrying Cases

All cases for 1970 had fixed sized compartments.

72 Car “Snake and Mongoose” Case

72 Car Case

This is the largest capacity case ever made.
This case was made with turnbuckle closure and snap closure lids.

Snake and Mongoose Graphic

48 Car “Gran Prix” Case

48 Car Case

This case was also made with turnbuckle closure and snap closure lids.

Ferrari 312P and Porsche 917 Graphic

Gear Box

Otto Kuhni artwork on the Gear Box

The vinyl covered cardboard Gear Box is the largest case made by Mattel for the Hot Wheels line.

Open Gear Box in use

The compartment on the left is adjustable storage for 12 cars.
The long section in the back holds the orange track.
Unfortunately, the handle is missing.

12 Car “Mantis” Case

Mantis Case



1973 – 1976 Carrying Cases

1974 Flying Colors Case (8227)

Only issued for one year, this case is harder to find, dated 1974

Porsche 917 – Heavy Chevy – Baja Bruiser

1976 Mustang and Camaro 24 Car Case in Grey

Flying Colors Case

This case came in 12 or 24 car capacities

Photo Credits: Ted Gray & John Lee

Used with permission









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