Goodbye, Pop! Television Shows We’ll Lose in 2019

Pop! Television

Game of Thrones isn’t the only TV show ending its watch in 2019 as several of our favorite binge-worthy programs take their Pop! television vinyl figures and head home.

George R.R. Martin’s fabled creation gave us more than 125 Pop! vinyl figures, including Ned Stark with and without his head. And the best part is that, even though the series has dramatically concluded, Funko is still releasing new Game of Thrones Pop!s.

This week the company introduced us to Theon (finally!) and a third – and arguably the most menacing – version of The Mountain that stands six-inches tall and unmasked.

Pop! TelevisionPop! TelevisionTheon

Pop In A Box (US)
Pop In A Box (UK)
Entertainment Earth

Preorder The Mountain

Pop In A Box (US)
Pop In A Box (UK)
Entertainment Earth


Game of Thrones isn’t the only Pop!ular show leaving the airwaves. It’s not even the only program exiting HBO as Veep turned off the lights in the Oval Office for the last time this spring. Selena Meyer might not have been the perfect politician, but both of her Pop! Figures are nearly flawless.

Orange Is The New Black

The cell door will slam shut for the final time this year on Orange Is The New Black. The Netflix series will bid adieu to Piper ChapmanAlex Vause and “Crazy Eyes” Warren with the seventh and final season beginning on July 26 – but not before being dubbed the most-watched Netflix original series of all time. Crazy Eyes is among six Orange Is The New Black Pop!s, including a Hot Topic variant with pie.

Pop! TelevisionBig Bang Theory

Sheldon and Leonard have been beamed up for the last time with the conclusion of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. The gang left an indelible impression in television lore, as well as in the Funko universe with 29 Pop! vinyl figures.

None of them were more elusive than the Sheldon Cooper (Flash Shirt) excl. to Astro-Zombies. If you’re one of the 392 Pop Price Guide users that own him, consider yourself lucky.


The Dark Knight is not returning to Gotham as the Fox program ends its run after five seasons and 100 episodes. Check out all your favorite characters, in street clothes form, such as Bruce WayneJim Gordon and Selina Kyle that help comprise the six-Pop! set.

Mr. Robot

Rami Malek will eschew the glitter of Freddy Mercury to reprise the role of Elliot Alderson one last time on the hit cable show Mr. Robot. The USA Network drama lasted only four years and 44 episodes, but it made quite the impact.

Pop! TelevisionElliot’s masked and hooded look has created an easy identifiable, and somewhat sought after, San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.


Once you get past the fact that the zombie’s name is Liv Moore, the CW Network’s iZombie with ties to the world of DC Comics, can be quite entertaining.

The show ends its run after five seasons when Moore runs out of people in the world to eat. Ok, we made that last part up, but her four variant of Pop! figures are pretty stylish.

This article originally ran on the hobbyDB sister site Pop Price Guide.

Pop! Television

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