Hard Rock Cafe Returns Home With New Piccadilly Circus Locale

The Hard Rock Café celebrates its birthday in grand style this month, returning to the city where it all began close to five decades ago.

Westminster’s Piccadilly Circus is the latest home for the Hard Rock Cafe, and finds itself located a mere 10-minute Tube ride from the original Hard Rock Café on London’s Old Park Lane.

Where the first-ever Hard Rock got its start in June of 1971 thanks to the likes of Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend – who requested to have their guitars hung near their own personal tables – the new Piccadilly restaurant promises artifacts such as Lady Gaga’s boots, David Bowie’s flame suit and a pair of Jimi Hendrix’ pants.

Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus

To celebrate the opening of its third London location, the world-renowned restaurant is introducing a new collection of core and limited edition Hard Rock Café pins.

The Piccadilly set features 19 core pins that will always be available at the new location, as well as 18 limited edition pins offered as a one-time buy. The Hard Rock Café will make these pins available for sale during its grand opening on June 22  in London (Ed. a little bit of a moving target, we will confirm as soon as we hear news).

We reached out to the team at Hard Rock and have been working with Yani (Director of Merchandising) and Mandy (Pin Category Manager) to start bringing you the new pins as soon as they are approved (this is a first us and we are super excited!).  Also thanks to Blossomgirl for adding these new pins to the database (two additional series are debuting early next week!).

Check out these super nice new pins here and let us know which one is your new favorite in the comments below!

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5 years ago

Love the Core Detective & the Core Bulldogs  – all of them look really great!!

Gem Sue
Gem Sue
5 years ago

Hi there, thanks for the post, love the skull ones they are awesome. Can’t wait to see them all.. can we just check is it definitly opening Wednesday as we keep seeing lots of conflicting info on the group boards. We don’t want to take a day off work and make the long journey if it doesn’t open. Thank you 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Gem Sue

You are very welcome! We just changed to the 22nd but it could also be Friday. We will update as hear from HRC.

5 years ago

Is there a definitive answer of whether they are actually opening on this Saturday 22nd June as yet please? Several of us are wanting to make plans and travel down from Manchester but don’t want to spend money and make a wasted journey. Thanks

5 years ago
Reply to  Gemma

Re Piccadilly got the following info –

    Opening dates are still in flux. The retail store will open this weekend – hopefully Friday, but it is TBD.

    The restaurant is still tentative, but hoping for July 6th.

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