Interesting and possibly RARE (?) Japanese Blackwall Hot Wheels

Interesting find by Dutch collector Mustafa Kuru.

As per Mustafa Kuru, here is the only KNOWN information on these Japanese pieces:


These 3 cards were found at a Hot Wheels convention, and sold by Japanese collectors. Language was an obstacle at the time, but this is what was pieced together from the conversation with them:

In the 1980’s, Diecast sales were extremely low in Japan— especially the Hot Wheels brand, as they were too expensive. Postage stamps on the other hand, were inexpensive and easier to find—so at this time, that was the most popular item to collect. 

To attempt to increase sales, these particular Hot Wheels were to be sold with “used” postage stamps from all over the world— this would make Hot Wheels more interesting to both Diecast collectors and include the current fad of stamp collecting.  It is not known if the storeowners lamintated the stamps to the cards —or it came from the factory like this. All that we know, is that this is how the stamps and the cars were sold at the time. 

There are “supposedly” 5 of these cars in existence, and rumor is the other two are currently in Japan. The cards are blank on the back, so there is also a theory that they could be protos for the Japanese market— but that they were never released. It is also possible that the store owner at the time laminated them himself, we just don’t know. 




Three of the 5 known possible promos



Fire Chief Cruiser


Maxi Taxi


Monte Carlo Stocker



Blank Base on Maxi Taxi 


If anyone has any additional information, please let us know HERE, so we can put some more pieces of the puzzle together.




Mustafa Kuru ~

Dutch Hot Wheel collector and historian.

Member of the HVH International

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