Protect Your Collection with our new Insurance Partner!

You spent a lifetime and countless dollars amassing your collection. Then, in the blink of an eye, it’s been cruelly taken from you.

hobbyDB has teamed with Sure to offer affordable and comprehensive ways to insure your collection.

We know that life happens. Sure policies cover incidents such as theft, damages beyond wear-and-tear, as well as coverage beyond the basics where homeowner insurance falls short.

Plans cost $150 annually to insure collections worth up to $75,000 – and are reasonably priced for collections exceeding that amount.

You worked hard to build your collection. Now it’s time to sleep well at night knowing that it’s protected.

Check out packages and rates by clicking here.

You have questions, Sure has answers.

Is this new, I never knew this existed before?

  • This is a new policy designed specifically for your collection.

Where does this policy cover my collection?

  • Covers your collection no matter if it’s at home, in storage, or anywhere else.

Does it cover damage to the box?

  • Yes the policy provides coverage to the box for rips and punctures.

How is the value for insurance determined?

  • Value can be determined by your collection via the hobbyDB My Collection profile, market comps, or what you paid for it.

Do I have to provide anything in order to purchase?

  • It’s a Blanket Policy so you don’t have to provide a list or value of what you own in order to purchase. You only have to provide that if you ever had to make a claim.
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