hobbyDB Now an Official Funko App Marketplace Provider

hobbyDB is proud to announce that we are now an official marketplace provider for the Funko App.

PPG MarketplaceWe’ve partnered with Funko once again, this time opening up our extensive marketplace directly to your mobile device via the simple click of a button.

hobbyDB is home to thousands of sellers and tens of thousands of items from your favorite Funko franchises, characters and more. With such extensive inventory, 50% of all Funko items found in the App already have something listed for sale.

Conveniently go shopping via any item page on the Funko app by locating the hobbyDB “Shop Now” button below the “Add to Collection” and “Add to Wishlist” features.

How it works

Our marketplace is special as we’ve done away with long-winded protection policies in favor of one big policy that protects both buyers and sellers from fraud. We collect payment immediately after a buyer places an order, but hold it in a safe account until the successful and satisfactory fulfillment of the purchase. This protects both parties, allowing for easy payment of the seller or a refund for the buyer in the event of fraud.

Pro tips for sellers

Already a seller on hobbyDB or one of the many Funko-themed marketplaces that we power (including Pop Price Guide)? Try these tips to maximize your sales.

  • Take 30 minutes this week to ensure that your listings are current. Make sure that items such as pricing, inventory and shipping rates are accurate.
  • Add real photos. Standard glam images look great, but an actual photo of the item you’re selling will make a real difference. This should particularly be done on all high-value items, especially those listed at more than $50.
  • Check your prices. Scan the Marketplace and Pop Price Guide to get a good idea of what price your item is currently trending at. This will allow you to stay competitive.
  • Stay up-to-date with your email and your seller dashboard to help fulfill orders in a timely manner. This is a great way to build your seller feedback ratings.

Join the fun

Want to join the fun and become a seller? Listing items can be done with the click of a button and the simple addition of your sale parameters. From there you can customize your personal marketplace to best suit your style and needs. Get started by clicking here.

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