A Better, Faster, Stronger hobbyDB!

Our sister site hobbyDB has gone through a bit of a makeover in the past few months and we’re excited to hear what you think!

We’ve leveled up with an all new cleaner design, and stronger technology powering the site. Now it’s easier than ever for you to find the collectibles you love and add them to your collection. Among the new features, you’ll discover a new database design, enhanced wish list and collection management systems, and an all new Showcase page where you can show off all of the incredible items in your collection.

The Database

Discover the cleaner look and feel of the database. Now with more than 480,000 entries in the database and 4 million price points, discovering information about your favorite collectibles is easier than ever. Take it for a spin.


Your Collection & Wish List

Also getting a makeover, the collection management and wish list tools. Now you can filter, search, edit items including photos, and easily list items for sale.

hobbyDB Collection Management

Your Personalized Showcase

Whether it be sharing your wish list with a fellow collector, showcasing your most prized items to your community, or highlighting some items you’re ready to let go of, we think you should have one profile that beautifully captures it all.

Check out the new and improved Showcase –

hobbyDB Showcase

You can find your own showcase page in your profile on hobbyDB!

And finally, a side note on site performance issues – good news loyal hobbyDB’ers. We know site speed and accessibility has been a bit of an issue lately, and we’re hard at work to make both better! Thanks for hanging in there with us and we’ll continue to keep you updated!

All in all, this hobbyDB rebuild took up all of our resources, but now with better tech powering the database, we are in the clear to get things done faster! We simply could not do this without you and are so thankful for all of your suggestions, additions, and help with the database. For a list of features that we plan to add in the future, check out this post!

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