hobbyDB Becomes Portal Master for Skylanders Franchise, Spyro

If you’re looking for us at hobbyDB, you might want to begin your search among the floating islands of Skyland.

SkylandersThe official toys-to-life video game franchise Skylanders is the latest addition to hobbyDB. And thanks to new curator (i.e. Portal Master) XyberDAWG, the hobbyDB catalog now boasts close to 600 Skylanders collectibles.

The franchise originally took to the consoles in the late 1990s, introducing us to the affable Spyro the Dragon. After 10 years and 11 games, Spyro spawned the Skylanders spinoff, which expanded its universe with six more games. In the process, Skylanders and its parent company Activision have generated billions of dollars from the sales of games, collectibles and television.

Check out the Skylanders catalog on hobbyDB by clicking here.


Interested in joining forces with hobbyDB to take charge of our collectible destiny? Learn more at our wefunder profile.

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