Insuring Your Collection! Insuring Your Passion!

What does collectibles insurance cover?

Whether you’re collecting as an investment or as a hobby or passion project, purchasing collectibles insurance guarantees your precious items will be protected.

Damages beyond wear-and-tear

If your collection can be seen, it can be touched. When your collection is insured, you can enjoy your valuable items without worrying about repair or replacement costs if they are ruined.

Property theft

A savvy thief knows that sometimes the highest value item isn’t basic cash. Insurance safeguards your prized possessions in the event someone decides to make off with any part of your collection, even outside the home.

Comprehensive coverage beyond the basics

Homeowners insurance often covers a portion of your belongings, but if you’ve been collecting for years, it’s likely not enough or is costing you too much. A specialized collectibles policy guarantees complete coverage at the right rates.

We’ve partnered with the best to keep your investment safe

Insuring your collectibles doesn’t need to involve paperwork and pain. We’ve partnered with Markel to bring you an affordable, yet comprehensive plan, that you can purchase instantly—right from the trade show or shop.

Markel has been a trusted insurer of personal property since 1988. Get covered through Sure and manage all of your policies and claims through a single, user-friendly platform.

Here’s what it costs

Pricing is just $150 a year for collections up to $75,000 in value (and pretty reasonable beyond that collection size, too). Yea, we know: “wow”.

If it’s worth collecting, it’s worth protecting

Let us pair you with the best policy for you and your model cars.

Check our prices


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