Hey! We’re Swapping Engines Soon, Here’s What It Means For You

Last week we announced our first-ever crowdfunding campaign. We already have gained 80 new shareholders and are still growing! Throughout the campaign, two of the most important questions we’ve received are 

  1. What do I get out of this?
  2. How is hobbyDB connected to TTP and what does this mean for the future TTP. 

Here’s the low down –

  1. Why are you doing this and what do I get out of this?

Instead of asking for donations or participating in a Kickstarter, we want you to actually be able to own a part of The Toy Peddler. When you invest in us, you are buying actual shares of the company. As we move forward, the overall goal is to become the epicenter of the collectible world and when possible, pay dividends to our shareholders, based on your ownership percentage of the company. Also, there is always the opportunity of acquisition, where you would receive a portion of the payment of the sales price (more of all of that on the crowdfunding campaign page).

  1. How is hobbyDB connected to The Toy Peddler and what will change?

Built more than 20 years ago, and with practically NO updating through the years, TTP is a vintage collectible in itself. Thanks to the awesome tools and mechanics from the hobbyDB garage… we are soon parking, lifting the hood and dropping in a HEMI. By adding the new engine, we are going to SMOKE into 2020… but we will still have the same body… just a surprise for those that drive.

The features that will be coming next – 

First and foremost – 

We’ll be making it easier for you to find things in the database! Here’s a mock-up of the new search design.

Other new features

  • Slightly modernizing the design of The Toy Peddler and making the 20 year old code more stable (so it continues to last another 20 years!)
  • Listing will continue to be free form (as it is now) or you can list through the TTP Database
  • Enabling shipping integrations such as USPS and negotiating better shipping terms so you can pay less.
  • Developing a TTP App that includes a barcode scanner, so you can list items faster.
  • Adding more ways to buy – Buy It Now, Buy It Now and Best Offer, Best Offer Only and Auctions!

Before we make any changes to anything on The Toy Peddler, all requests will go through fellow diecast collector and TTP community coordinator Anita Smith. A loyal TTP user since the beginning, she knows what collectors expect and what will make a big difference to sellers as we begin to make improvements.

If you’re interested in owning a piece of The Toy Peddler and hobbyDB, and helping us move forward with this vision, check out our Wefunder Profile

We also created a quick video that helps explain more about our mission and future. You can watch it here. 

Always feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss further, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for being an important part of this journey with us.


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